Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bird is the Word

Raise your hand if that song is now officially in your hand. Raise both hands if you think of the obnoxious "Family Guy" episode that featured it. Consider me guilty.

(Side note: I guess I could've labeled this post "Put a Bird On It", which is relatively on-trend...but kinda irrelevant to what I'm talkin' 'bout, Willis.)

(Side note #2: I started writing this post the last week of March. Shame on me for waiting. I sit within view of a veritable blizzard. Blerg. Oh, well, if I didn't continue on and finish this post, you would've gotten a pretty bleak one. So, you're welcome! ;-))

Do birds know how ecstatic they can make humans? Or, at least the non-desensitized, finds-joy-in-simplicity types? Because they do. Truly.

I saw my first robin today. I'm pretty sure it was a lady bird ('twasn't as pretty as a male, wop wop), but it was jumping around on the side of the road and suddenly my Monday became MOOONNNDDDAAAAAYYYY sung from the mountaintop with Maria. I literally sat up straight and grinned. Oncoming traffic didn't know what to think of me. A robin! Amidst a colder-than-usual "spring"! It means SOMETHING!!

Sure, I saw some crocuses sprouting green this morning (below freezing here, folks), but the bird had me spastic.

Then, as I inched my way into my school's parking lot, what soared proudly overhead? A frickin' bald eagle. You can't make this crap up. I became glass-half-full and ready to attack the day.

And, at the end of the "I can DO this!" day, I arrived home again to see several more robins and sundry other birds feasting on goodness knows what. The cats were having a field day observing, chirping, and generally gettin' their feline on.

Bird. Ya heard? Word.

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