Welcome to Meg, Acting Out!

I'm Megan, or Meg, to my friends. That means you. Hiya.

This is my little spot in the world for acting out -- which I've been known to do from time to time, whether in my goofy behavior, a propensity for getting myself into trouble, or, yes, even through the occasional part on stage. While I don't encourage (or discourage) it in my son, I love acting out. It's the best way to experience life, in my eyes.
Speaking of son, our family consists of my super-sweet husband, Dave (AKA The Dorky Daddy), our precocious toddler, and three very unique, adorable rescue kitties. I currently work as a school librarian, and while I love my kids and books, I'm aspiring to branch out into the world of writing. There. Now that it's written for all to see, I'm sticking with it. 

I'm the jack-of-all-trades/master-of-none blogger in these here parts. In other words, it's hard to concisely list the topics you'll trip over at MAO. Just call it the Seinfeld of blogs; kind of about nothing and everything all at once. "Get out!" is right, Elaine. Get. Out.

Above all, my posts are meant to amuse and entertain, inform and inspire, while covering a variety of topics.
I'm a mama bearimus maximus, so you'll hear parenting chats, suggestions, and tips. 
We're trying to live a simpler, green lifestyle, so you'll notice everything from real food recipes to gardening mishaps (and I do mean mishaps) to cleaning hacks to...well, the list just goes on and on. That said, let's just put a big accent on the "trying to live"; you'll hear about our failures along the way in every respect. #clothdiaperdropout #notgivingup 

And since my favorite types of blogs are of the DIY variety, it only makes sense that you'll stumble on a few failed attempts of my own with a couple of "hey, it looks good to me" ideas. 

Other random day-in-the-life type posts? Yep, those too. In any given week, you'll probably find a potty training post, a seasonal decor mood board, a Meatless Monday recipe...and a love letter to Jimmy Stewart. Just a few ideas floating around in my head. You never know.

If you're interested in a collaboration, stop by the my Writing & Collaboration page for more information. I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks for visiting, and feel free to comment whenever the mood strikes (I don't bite; I'm not into the whole vampire craze) or email me at megactsout@gmail.com. No, really. I crave social interaction. But be forewarned; I'm totally awkward and hyper excited to chat with you.

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