It seems you're wondering who the heck I am and/or what this blog's about. Thanks for your interest in Meg, Acting Out and a huge welcome hug to you!

My name is Megan Dellecese, and I live in Upstate New York with my super-sweet husband, Dave (AKA The Dorky Daddy), our precocious toddler, and three very unique kitties. By day, I'm a school librarian. By night, I can occasionally be found at our local community theater or (more than likely) spending time with the aforementioned family. It's like an addiction with them. At all other times, I'm the jack-of-all-trades/master-of-none blogger in these here parts. In other words, it's hard to concisely list the topics you'll trip over at MAO.

I'm a mama, so you'll hear parenting chats. We're trying to live a simpler, green lifestyle, so you'll notice everything from real food recipes to gardening mishaps to cleaning tips to...well, that just goes on and on. I enjoy a good project, so you'll find the occasional DIY attempt. Other random day-in-the-life type posts? Yep, those too.

Just call MAO the "Seinfeld" of blogs. It's about nothing and everything all at once. "Get out!" is right, Elaine. Get. Out

I like to post thrice a week -- usually following a MWF framework when I'm on my game. Follow me or "like" me on Facebook and you'll get to find out the very moment a post goes live. And speaking of contacting me, feel free to comment whenever the mood strikes (I don't bite; I'm not into the whole vampire craze) or email me at megactsout@gmail.com. No, really. I crave social interaction. But be forewarned; I'm totally awkward.

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