Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gray, Gray or Gray

(Or grey?)

I'm obsessing about my foundation, which I'm hoping to paint this summer, along with scraping, cleaning and painting the basement windows and trim. (If I found the energy, I'd do the garage, but one insane project at a time, please.) Here's what it currently looks like...

Er, that's what it looked like last year after I did some planting and shutter painting, hee hee. *Busted.* Anyhoo, it's currently a sort of bluish gray with some spots that need scrubbing or patching and re-painting. With a (cruddy) white facade, glossy black shutters, hunter green roof (sorry you can't see it here; just envision with me), bright red front and back doors, and soon-to-be-painted-white deck and front porch, what would you go with for the foundation?

This one's kind of charcoal, which I'm admittedly kind of into. It makes the black seem a tad less harsh and grounds the house...y'know...into the ground. ;-) 

Then, we have a not-as-dark, not-as-light gray. It also helps to ground the house a little but still has some "color" to it (if that makes sense).

I'm also considering using a floor paint on the treads of the deck and porch that will match the foundation (everything else white), so the color really does make a difference.

So, time to vote!  

Which foundation color should I use?

Woohoo! Voting is closed, and it looks like charcoal (darker) has won out! Now, I've just gotta find a place that will help me achieve this when I go to purchase the paint without raising an eyebrow. I get that a lot at the local Lowe's. Love the place, but, as GOB would say, "Come on!" Can't a girl make questionable decisions on her own without additional judgment thrown in?

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