Friday, June 14, 2013

Let's Get This Party Started

With officially T minus one month 'til the Hadman turns the big O-N-E, I was politely reminded by the hubs that he'd be happy to pick up the invitations at Staples while he's out in the "big city" Friday. Oops. I had them done, just needed to do some tweaking and send them in. Thanks for the save, Dave!

I'm a big fan using the Staples online print resource since I utilized it to print the theater's programs when I used to design them. I found that they came out professionally and timely, with no directors sweating over one of those super long staplers putting together a handful of photo-copied programs to hand to audiences as they arrived on opening night. Yeah, that was never fun. So, paying for Staples was well worth the investment.

I've used them for everything from ALL of our print needs for our wedding (invitations, yes, but all the little signs and labels for each table and programs that never got handed out...lots and lots and lots of printing) to baby shower invitations for my sis to the art on Hadley's wall. It was a no-brainer to use them again.

(By the way, this is not a sponsored post. I wasn't paid by Staples to brag about 'em. It's kinda sad that I have to say that.)

Here's the invitation I whipped up (sans my mom's address and my phone number for the RSVP) with a little Pinterest inspiration...Pinspiration? Ew...

So, how much did the invites cost to send out? I scaled them to fit four to a page (, really, the invitation envelopes we had on hand only fit that size, so it was serendipitous in a really lame way), so all we would need were three sheets. Ha! Three sheets to the wind. Nice.

Anyhoo, yeah, three. Since we were mostly inviting families and couples (with a few awesome exceptions), it wasn't like we needed 22 separate invites; just one for my sis and her family, one for Dave's bro and his wife, etc. So, twelve would work just fine.

Check it! I may still get 10% or so off, but I'd say $5.37 for very cool (if I do say so myself) invitations, including the cost of envelopes (totally free) and the fact that I chose stiffer card stock (that's what she said), is pretty good. Add a few bucks for postage and we're still coming in at a decent price. If I hadn't "splurged" and had them do the cutting (way straighter than my shaky hand), it would've been $2 cheaper. I know. My Depression-era ancestors would be disappointed in me. *hangs head*

We're purchasing some other stuff for this shindig, but also doing plenty hand-made options, too. Here's a breakdown:

- Pizza, beverages, and several other "some assembly required" food items to make life a tad easier (do carrot sticks count?)
- Cupcakes (but this has a sentimental pitch to it; we're buying them from the same place that made our wedding there. Neener neener.)
- A few decorative items, like birthday hats (for fun) from Target
- Gifts for the monkey, himself! :-)

- Pom-pom decorations No. More. Wire. HANGERS!!! Only insert "BALLOONS!" for "wire hangers."
- A pendant banner
- The birthday boy's crown, which he'll wear all of two seconds. Tops.
- His healthy smash cake (along with a bit of decoration)!!!

Already Have On Hand:
- This awesome thing we like to call "Pandora"...because it's called Pandora. We listen to it on our phones all the time, so it only makes sense to use it as a bit of background music. The little one likes the Simon and Garfunkel channel, but we may switch it up to something a wee less depressing.
- A laptop (or possibly burned DVD) to show Daddy's video for the birthday boy
- Borrowed pop-up tent thingamajiggers just in case of inclement weather. But, seriously, (sung as Streisand), DON'T RAIN ON MY PARADE (party)!!!
- Cake stands. Seriously. We've got a million of 'em. A cute HUGE one that our friends Laurel and Jim gave us which has some really cool polka dot textures on it, a couple of antique glass ones we used for our wedding reception, etc. And while I may use them for cupcakes, it sometimes makes for some visual interest to put something less expected on them. How fancy, pizza on a cake stand! Oooohhhh, la-dee-dah!

I'm sure I'm forgetting something. I started taking some notes on my phone, but have yet to make the mother of all to-do/to-buy lists.

We've already had an offer or two to help with food (and anything else we may need). You can always tell your best friends when they're as concerned about your own sanity as they are spending time with your cutey patootey. And when that best friend happens to be your sister, well, all is right with the world.

So, we're officially in party mode (with the exception of being bogged down by inventory at work; I'll still have a few weeks to focus solely on the shindig, though, once school's over -- I know, I'm lucky). Any suggestions for the parents?

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