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To Everyone:

As you may have seen on my About page, I currently work as a school librarian. While I love my kiddos and the world of book stacks, I'm looking to branch out to wider pastures; namely, writing.

If you're into the writing style (which is the "real me") on Meg, Acting Out, great! You're my new BFF. If you prefer a more professional vibe, I definitely have the propensity to incorporate such desires into a collaborative project, as well. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge* As they say in A Chorus Line, "I can do that!"

I LOVE to collaborate. If you'd like me to guest write for your blog, review a product, or otherwise contribute (I do dishes, clean toilets, snuggle short-haired cats and so forth), please email me at megactsout@gmail.com with a corresponding subject line and I'll be happy to chat.

To Businesses & Companies Looking for a Collaboration with This Here Blog:

Thank you so much for your interest in Meg, Acting Out. I feel honored that you know who I am and are considering working together. I'd be thrilled to collaborate with you on a project idea or product review, given the below caveats:

Caveat #1: Please note, however, that any requests for blog posts that do not align with the standards I try to uphold for myself and my readers (again, visit my About page to see if we would play nicely together), I will need to decline.

Caveat #2: Given my limited schedule with this blog, other projects, work, and family, I ask that your company be able to provide compensation (either monetarily or by providing a free product for myself or as a giveaway to my lovely, deserving readers). I have halted my practice of writing posts for "free" for perfectly able-bodied companies. Social media shelling is not my idea of a proper business exchange. Thanks for understanding.

To Future Bloggy Buddies:

Greetings, kindred spirit! If you're a blogger, I've got your back. I've only been doing this for *cough, four, cough* a few years, so you may be a huge-timey blogger (I'm not worthy!) or a newbie, but either way, I get you. Time is a precious commodity. You may have kids, or just a spouse, or several huge, awesome dogs (or, ahem, three incredibly perfect cats...just saying), and a million other responsibilities that make all that blogging time you wish you had minimal.

I'd truly LOVE to help you out. I'm a giver, what can I say? *wink, wink* If you want to hook up and have me write a guest post (we can collab on the topic lates-McGee...um, talk later), I'd be happy to. You can write one for me, too, if you want -- or not. It's all good. This is all F-R-E-E, by the way. 

Why do I want to get together like this? One: I think you're rad. B: I suck at making friends, so I overcompensate by doing stuff for people (just ask Jenny from Mrs. Slopnick's 4th grade class; that girl never had to clean her desk). X: It might just help my visibility a tad to have your awesome readers know that I exist. Just a tad.

To Anyone Else Who Might Be Interested in My Mad Writing Skillz:

As I said above, "I can do that!" Although blogging is my passion, I'm also looking to get further into the world of article writing, copywriting, editing (generally shorter subject works such as e-books, articles, magazines), children's book authoring, and the like, so if you're willing to take a chance on me (take a chance, take-a take-a chance chance), shoot me a message. You will undoubtedly make my day, and hopefully I can make yours.

I hope you officially have Abba stuck in your head. I know I do.

I'm the proud mama of the below articles, if you're in need of some reading material (or need proof that I can write above a teenage level)...

I am proud to say that I regularly write for Green Child Magazine as a product and media (books and apps; "Look Listen Read" is my current contribution) reviewer, as well as a copy editor and contributor. If you need me to review something for this incredible resource, please email me at reviews@greenchildmagazine.com.
Or, of course, you can just read my stockpile of blog entries and decide whether my style fits your needs.

Oh, and if you're visiting from one of the aforementioned sites, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for stopping by! And tell your friends!! *mwah*

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