Monday, April 1, 2013


No, that title's not a typo. It's a small way of making daily donations for a humble, deserving cause. And it is awesome.

Just a quick post today to let you know about this tool that my husband and I use (still gotta download it for use at school) as a way of donating to a cause of our choice -- in our case, the Herkimer County Humane Society. What can I say? We wouldn't have our family today if it wasn't for them. (Read more about Winston and Jasper.) They're pretty durn rad.

From Wikipedia (which I usually admonish, but in this case it gives a pretty good description):

GoodSearch is a Yahoo-powered search engine, online shopping mall and restaurant dining program that contributes 50% of its revenue to the nonprofit or school designated by its users. The money donated comes from the search engine advertisers, merchants and participating restaurants.

We don't use the shopping or dining aspects of the service, just the regular task of searching the interwebs; in my case, recipes, baby stuff and the occasional uber random "should cat puke resemble cat poop" type of question. And area rugs and slipper chairs. I'm on a constant quest to find inexpensive area rugs and slipper chairs. To no avail.

If you're interested, go to and choose your cause to get started. If you don't see it, go through the list of charities -- and if you still can't find it, click "Add school or charity" way at the bottom of the page. It's worth it just to look!

Oh, and for some reason, my GoodSearch plugin at home doesn't do that drop-down thing when I search, which I'm kind of used to, but I think that might be user error. Just a warning. ;-)

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