Friday, April 5, 2013

A Day in the Life of Monkey Boy

...or Mister Man, or Had-Man, or any variation of our son's nicknames. This is a guest post written by an 8-month-old Hadley. Since he can neither speak nor otherwise communicate thoughts beyond pointing, grunting, squealing, kicking, and the like, he shall have a ghost-writer. Poof, I'm a ghost.

I'm not really sure what a day is. Mom and Dad seem to think it has a beginning and an end; once in awhile I think I can fool them enough to believe that's true. But, mostly things are just a series of naps with fun in between. Maybe that's why I get so upset when it's dark; why are they laying me back down?? I know I'm tired, but I don't WANT to go in my crib. We should be enjoying life while we can. Sheesh.

Anyway, I guess things start when I realize my tummy feels way weird. Not really hurty, but weird. It's dark and I don't even really need to open my eyes; if I whine enough, Mama comes in the room, grumbling to herself and pulling her hair back (why does she DO that?? It's so much fun to play with...and grab...and pull). She picks me up and carries me into the big bed. I love bouncing on it, when I'm in the mood, but when my tummy feels this way all I can think about is EATING.

Before I know it, I'm being awoken, this time by a tired-looking but happy mama. Whoa. Wait. Wasn't I just eating? I know it relaxes me, but...? It's a little less dark out and there's a kitty coming to greet me. Mommy grabs some clothes and carries me downstairs.

I see Daddy quickly rushing back and forth, sometimes with something in his hand, sometimes not. He gets really excited to see me and calls me his buddy. He's just so nice, I can't stand it. His smile is the best.

Although I HATE it, Mama puts me on a blanket and takes all the clothes off me and puts different ones on. Why does she DO that?? She also puts one of those white things on her head and makes silly faces before taking the squishy, cold one off of me and putting the new one on. She is pretty weird. It's hilarious, though, so I guess it works.

Before I know it, I'm bundled up in stuff that makes me feel really hot. I wish they wouldn't put the things on my head, they feel so stuffy and funny. Mommy puts me in my cool seat and bundles me up MORE, then she hands me to my Daddy and kisses us goodbye. It's Had and Dad time!

Daddy drives a littler thing than Mom's, so it feels cozy, and he always has pretty sounds going. It's the only place I really don't mind falling asleep, and before I know it Daddy's gone and I wake up at Grandma's house.

Grandma's really nice, and Lizzie is my cousin-buddy that I get to hang out with ALL DAY LONG! It's fun to chase her in my Jalopy -- oh, and the doggies, too! Sometimes they yip, but I'm not sure why.

It's hard to keep track of the day. This is the place that I get bottles instead of Mommy, and we watch Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and some other things, and I eat my foods at different times. Most days, I have a great time, but sometimes my mouth hurts. Those days I don't care where I am; I just don't like it. Sometimes chewies help, sometimes not. Sometimes my tasty medicine helps, sometimes not. I wish I could be happy all the time, especially when I see how sad it makes Grandma and Mom and Dad, but I just can't. I wonder if they're happy all the time.

I know the end of the day is coming when Grandpa comes home and plays with me. Soon, Lizzie gets picked up by her Mommy or Daddy. They are so cool! Aunt Mary is always so nice and Uncle John is funny...and nice, too! Come to think of it, everybody in my family is pretty nice -- unless Mommy loses her temper. That's kind of funny to watch, though.

After Lizzie goes, Daddy shows up looking tired but excited to see me. I squeal and jump because I love him and I get to go home where my kitties and Mommy are. I love Grandma and Grandpa SO much, but home is my favorite.

I usually wake up again and realize I'm home. It's so weird how that happens! Mommy and Daddy eat, and sometimes I eat with them -- Mommy does double-duty. Daddy puts on his funny sounding phone where people talk and laugh and people clap. Other times, there are nice sounds again that Mommy (and sometimes Daddy) sings to. Oh, and Jasper jumps on the table to see me and try to steal Mommy's food -- it is SO funny!

Sometimes Mommy puts me in water in the kitchen with nice sounds on and I get to splash while she puts stuff all over me. Lately, Mommy has been pouring clean water in a cup and I get to drink it. I'm good at not spilling a lot! She also pours my water from the cup and I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching it and letting it fall through my hands. That's one of my favorite things in the world, next to things that crinkle.

After I get out of the water, Mommy puts stuff on me, then MORE clothes. Then, we go on the bed and Daddy reads to me. I get to hold one of the hard books while he does voices from another book. I'm good at turning pages, and although I don't know what these things really are, the pictures and colors and the way Daddy and Mommy talk during them, I love looking at them.

When the books are done, Mommy settles in on bed for me to eat. Sometimes I don't go to sleep and it's a fun game to see how late I can stay up -- although Mommy always wins, eventually. Otherwise, I try to wake up to let them know I'm still around all while it's dark.

Some days, I don't go to Grandma's. Some days, we all stay home together, or we go out in Mommy's bigger car to different places, which I don't hate. Some days I get to look at the boy in the glass, and other days I get to spend extra time touching the kitties and grabbing their tails. Some days, Mommy uses the loud thing on the floor and I has a tail, too, you know! Just skinnier and longer. Some days, I spend more time with Daddy and he talks to me about when he was little or shows me things. Some days, Mommy gives me food to squish and try myself.

Some days I'm happy, some days I have hurties and can't get happy.

But I LOVE to LOVE. I squeal and kick when something exciting is happening -- which usually means seeing someone I love.

And I hope he always has that endless supply of love and joy and INTEREST in his loved ones and surroundings.

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