Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dude, Get On That Already

After my last bit of guilty ranting (a completely healthy process from time to time, if I do say so myself), I suppose it's time for the kick in the arse/fun challenge/"well aren't I a glutton for punishment" moment we all need once in awhile. Or monthly. Or daily. Whatever.

I actually got the idea (as well as the title of the blog post, don't want to go stealing anyone's intellectual property without giving props) from, where else, my favorite bloggers at Young House Love. I've always thought that Sherry had it completely together, cleaned everything from top to bottom weekly, and was borderline OCD (in that "good way"). But, of course, that's Blogland. The land where everything gets set up perfectly before taking pictures (mostly) and skeletons in closets can stay safely hidden. Seriously, with this "self-imposed challenge" (and past tours of "what the house really looks like" any given day), I love her for showing her warts. Ew, not literally.

And it got me thinkin'. While we don't have a room entirely devoted to clutter, we have a couple that are looking pretty shoddy. They're coming along *already*, but they're not quite there. And, with the pregnancy laziness abounding, it's easy to let projects fall to the wayside.

But, this "challenge" might just be something that I can handle. As it is, I've accomplished my first one - with the help of the hubs and his uber-helpful brother. I suppose they can take the credit for the first "Dude, Get On That Already" moment.

Picture a crib here, and a much cleaner floor. Yep, the nursery's #1 on our list, and I've got lots more to do. BUT, I figure that it'll be tons more manageable for Lil' Miss Preggers here if I look at it weekly. If I can get one big thing (or, heck, even medium-sized) accomplished each week, huzzah. If I can get more than one done - BONUS! If I'm not motivated enough to do something in the nursery, I'll head to the office, or bathroom, or tiny little space that needs organizing. Either way, it's doable. Plus, I'll be checking in with my progress. Can anyone say "accountability"? I knew you could!

Um, yeah. The other side of the room. D'oh!! We could play a fun game of "I Spy".

Yes, I even gave it the "sexy treatment" (ie blurred the photo's edges) to emphasize how huge it is to have this dresser in our room. Times, they are a-changin'!
(Hey, I could've taken an artistic, B&W pic.)

On a side note, the flooring in our house...well, here's the deal. I know there's hardwood upstairs, simply because we tore up two rooms (why we didn't do all three upstairs, I have no idea) of cheap carpeting upon moving in. There's some strange wood filler-type residue living between lots of the cracks, and which had to be cleaned from the surface, so this floor looks tons better than it did on Day One. However, it still drives me nuts. There are gouges and scrapes from years of neglect, and I'm not sure we'll ever afford the price of refinishing. It's enough to really tick me off, until it reminds me of when I see the animal neglect and abuse commercials on TV and think, "Someone really didn't love this house the way they should have, and it's saddening." Then, of course, my mind wanders to all the emotionally and physically scarred animals and I get a-cryin'. It's a vicious cycle, people. And it all starts with crappy wood floors.

On yet ANOTHER side note: UPDATE! Getting on the "Dude, Get On That Already" bandwagon means that I FINALLY updated our New Year's collage post to actual show, what else? PICTURES of the friggin' COLLAGES we made!!! What an idea. Sorry for the wait! Just goes to show you that it doesn't mean that I don't care; I just get distracted easily. Head on over there and check 'em out. (BTW, process-wise, Dave and I both selected a ton of pictures 'n stuff from magazines and I "collaged" them together. It was so much fun and so very inspirational, I made two and still find inspiration in them to this day. So much for being a New Year's thing.)

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