Friday, February 3, 2012

Post-Pregnancy Bucket List

I'm lucky. SUPER lucky. (That's even more than "uber", in case you didn't know.) I got pregnant easily -- almost too easily, I know I'll be jinxed in the future. Things are going incredibly smoothly. The only nausea I get anymore is something I'd deal with normally, thanks to a healthy dose of GIRD in my life. We keep hearing the heartbeat, and get to see the occasional wave (and McCoy legs and crazy well-developed spine...and possibly Daddy's nose), which, some days, I worry about. I don't FEEL very, AM I STILL?!?! It's enough to drive a woman mad. So, yeah. Things are good.

While being so lucky, I'm also inclined to feel...mmm...a tad...left out. There is a lot of stuff preggers ladies are told that they can't or shouldn't do. I'm pretty strict about most of it. Even the crazy "I never heard that" stuff, like avoid pineapples (and I believe mangoes and coconut, but pineapples are much more a part of my regular diet). Seriously, my poor mother cut up an entire pineapple for me to snack on and I couldn't!

So, without further ado, I shall indulge in my totally well-meaning, in no way whiny bitch-fest...(Warning: Numerous food items mentioned are neither all-natural nor organic...nor healthy. It is what it is, I make no excuses other than -- the baby did it!)

- A bologna sandwich...on white or wheat (SOFT, please)...with yellow mustard. May or may not contain American cheese. I've wanted this as long as I've been pregnant. I'm hoping someone will meet me at the hospital with one. I'd do unspeakable things for one.

- Wine. More specifically, New York State wine. It's sweeter (and some would say suckier) than the "good stuff". Oh, and Fly Creek Cider Mill's special flavored wines. Yep.

- On the boozy subject (and not to sound like a complete lush), a) amaretto sour, b) strawberry daiquiri, c) anything else involving rum and fruit.

- Why do I want to go skiing so badly?

- The same goes for hiking.

- And canoeing.

- And camping, in general. While I adore camping (be it the "don't bathe for days and live in a tent" kind or the "rent a heated facility on the lake" kind), Dave's not a huge fan and it's just not something we've contemplated for vacationing. Well, I've dreamed about it, but particularly one day when we'd have kids (and nieces and nephews) along for the fun.

- Sleep any gosh darn way I please. Strangely enough, it's not just that I "shouldn't" sleep on my belly or back, but this whole "sleep on the left side, it's best for the baby" thing just FEELS better. Of course, I'm a toss-'n-turner, so I can't break that habit...and while the belly isn't very big yet, it's definitely a maneuver to shiiiiiift all the weight from one side to another. It'll only get worse, and the cats seem to know when the "harass Mommy and Daddy" hour (ie feed us, 5am MUST be breakfast time, right?) is. Ah, I suppose that's all training for the baby, too.

- Will I EVER get a normal tinkle schedule again?! That is all.

- Paintin' stuff...carryin' stuff...generally being that "I can get it" type of lady. Given the chilly (albeit mild) winter weather we've got, I don't feel comfortable painting stuff inside. I'll be using some low-VOC primer and paint for a project we're undertaking this weekend, but y'know. I couldn't even help the hubs with his Drylok project in the basement. And, I know my mother was painting stuff pretty much up until I was born, but who says I want the kid turning out like me? ;-)

- Oh, yeah. Pineapple. (Mmm. I foresee living on fruit salad when we bring the newborn home. With the occasional bologna sandwich. ;-D)

I'm sure there's a kazillion more things that I'm missing, but in case you didn't know, I'm pregnant, and pregnancy brain is definitely not a myth. My normally forgetful non-pregnant brain is bad enough.

Is there anything you're itching to do, eat, or experience? Do tell!

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