Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Cleaning Week #2

I mentioned last week that I'm doing my spring cleaning less in a "this room, then that room, then another room" way and more of a piecemeal concerted attack. If you're coming along for the ride (ie joining in on my suggested "to do" lists), stay tuned for this week's "homework." Hey, literally!

Since last week we did anything ceiling/wall-related (+ some) on our first floor (or the main living area of your one-floor digs), this week it's time to do some heavy-duty floor and woodwork/baseboard cleaning. Top to bottom, see? Also, it's time to turn to storage -- which, in our house means our DVD/"extemporaneous what the what?" built-ins, our main "coats 'n crap" closet, and *dun dun dun* the kitchen. Since, think about it: what's a kitchen beyond some landing pads, a couple of "specialty" areas (sink, oven, spot for cats to eat), and a buttload of storage? Am I right?

Here's my little "to-do" list to keep up for Week #2; do with it what you will:

- Scrub woodwork with Old English (or whatevs...if you want to be all eco, use olive oil and essential oils or somethin'); if it's painted, clean it with a rag and soap OR if it's really in rough shape, attack it with a Magic Eraser. Poof. As my mom would say, "You can do this with the TV on in the background!" (Easier said than done, but she says it, anyway. Do I really need to see what's happened on "Little Women" or "My Girl" for the 200th time? Beth and Thomas J. still die. *sad face*)

- Do organizational bursts. See how quickly you can get your main closet and kitchen cabinets emptied, sorted into piles (KEEP IN CLOSET/CABINET, KEEP ELSEWHERE, THROW OUT, DONATE), then (sometimes the hardest part) neatly put it all back in. If you need a new storage system or don't think what you're doing is working, jot down if you think you need baskets or to peruse the organization solutions in your favorite store to see if anything pops out at you. *So far, I've done the dining room built-ins and sidebar, as well as the front room trunks. Doesn't sound like much, but just looking at the minimally-decorated sidebar and knowing how neat and tidy it is on the inside gets me jonesin' to do more.*

- Sweep and mop the kitchen floor -- move EVERYTHING out and give this the real once-over. Wipe down all kitchen surfaces (including the grease + dust + cat fur combo that has cemented itself to the tops of the fridge and microwave, open shelving, cookbooks, etc).

- Anything you didn't complete last, admittedly, my downstairs ceiling fans. There's only two, but they're beasts, and I'm one tired mama. This isn't a "look what I can do!" run to the finish line, people. 

- Positive affirmation time! You can do this... "Because you're good're smart enough...and, doggone it, people like you!" Go one at a time. Listen to music while you unload. Make a game out of it (see how much crap you can find that you hardly/don't use!). Do whatever you have to do to empty/best use your spaces.    

Next week? Upstairs! (And any downstairs bathrooms or offices you may have. :-D) How's that sound??

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