Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - That IS My Bag, Baby

Quick Wordless Wednesday. (And by far less wordy than usual -- promise!)

Here's the bag I've been using lately. I love it, but I need one to fit stuff like a) lunch, b) flats (I take them to work and wear boots since, y'know, it's still cold out), c) did I mention lunch?, d) my big ol' reusable water bottle, and e) various sundries that a mama always has to have in her bag.

Kinda not very big. Great for pre-baby days. Sucky now. Soooo...I went to Target and got a more "casual" everyday bag....

It's neutral (gray). It's utilitarian. It's the PERFECT size. Yet, still modern enough for me not to feel like it's an outdated shleppy thing. I was hoping to get a cute patterned one, but this was the best I could find. I love it, regardless. ;-) Mom Bags, FTW!

That's it for Wordless Wednesday this week. See? Quick and painless! Still harboring a bug/cold (how sweet of it to want to stick around), but hopefully it'll give way and I can start in on last Monday's list. :-)

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