Monday, January 13, 2014

Apple Cobbler Thingie

Yay, a dessert recipe! Finally. Or maybe breakfast. Or snack. I love versatile recipes like that, don't you?? :-) Since when did this blog become a crappily photographed food blog?? Eh, it ebbs and flows, I suppose. Side note: Today's Hadley's 18-month birthday. Holy crap! One-and-a-half! I guess we need an update on what this kid's doing, huh? Will do.

So, anyhoo, I borrowed this recipe from Mommy Knows but changed it around a bit. It was a frigid cold day (haven't we all had those lately?) and I was home from school because of it, so it felt like the perfect time to crank up the oven.

I had some pretty little apples going south for the winter. See? Wrinkly with blemishes. But the girls still had life in 'em.

Sure, I could've made some applesauce (not much, mind you), but I wanted something heartier and a tad bit naughty. I WANTED an apple cake of some sort. Instead, I got this apple cobbler-type thing. Just as delicious. Just, um, unexpected.

And, yes, I'm just showing off with that self-made GIF. Get down witchya bad self!

Gratuitous close-up -- ready to be baked. Whuh whuh?? (Apparently I'm into '90s hip hop phrases today. Roo, I blame thee! Naw, it's all good.)

So, here's the recipe. Of course, I added nutmeg and clove to the apple filling part (you could leave them out and just use the cinnamon, but I'm a high roller). I also highly advise serving this warm, if possible, with some ice cream. We have yet to find organic ice cream, so we've found a minimal-ingredient "natural" vanilla from Breyer's that's a very, very rare treat since it still veers from our food ethics. Ya gotta live, though. Heck, in the summer, I know for a fact that we'll go to some burger joints (local ones, mind you) and share a cone of unknown ingredients (but quite known yumminess) with the little guy. I know, we're rebels.

Oh, and one final thing. When you go visit Mommy Knows, appreciate her not-so-subtle way of telling folks off about letting her daughter use a sharp knife to cut the apples. Love it! And hope you love this apple cake...cobbler...dessert.

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