Wednesday, May 1, 2013


So, last year I turned 30. It was a fun day filled with very close friends and lovely Beardslee Castle food. But, while it was a celebration, I didn't feel like it was mine. (And I was perfectly fine with that!) I was too busy housing a growing human in my gut. In my mind, it was all about the baby.

I suppose the whole "BIG 3-0" syndrome hit me only slightly (because, as stated above, I had other things on my mind). I did a half-arsed "30 Before 30" list, which makes me think I'd like to come up with a well thought-out one for the BIG 4-0 (holy, 35. Yes, 35.). But, anyhoo, 30 still just felt like "the end of the 20s." A bit of an extension on my assignment. Like I could still go to a club and get fall-down drunk and dance like an idiot if I really wanted to. Not that I wanted to. I didn't. Seriously, even when I used to go to bars, I never felt like I completely "belonged" there, ifyaknowwhatImsayin'. Stupid people doing some pretty stupid things. No offense, we've all been there.

Wow, lots of digressing today. Anyhoo (again), now that 31 is upon me -- yes, like, today -- I finally feel like I'm in my 30s. I mean, look at my life: very needy cats...years worth of reading that I have no time for...lucky if I'm able to get a daily shower. It's serious stuff. But, for the most part, it's seriously fun, wonderful stuff. Everything up to this point was practice, albeit great learning experiences, but rehearsal for the big show.

Like learning how to juggle under pressure on the streets of Paris with tourists pelting coins at your face.

So, I'm officially a 30-something. I'm an old lady, a young mama, a well-loved wife (I count my blessings on that one, especially with a new baby around), and a woman with some hopes and dreams still up her sleeve. This May 1st, I feel as if those dreams can still be achieved. This ain't the end of the line, after all. :-)

What about you? Got a bucket list? Are you living life for yourself today? If so, share! :-)

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