Friday, May 3, 2013

Beets. Bears. Birthdays.

If you "get" the blog post title, 1,000 points to you. We can't believe "The Office" will be ending VERY shortly, indeed. *sniff, sniff* Hope Jim and Pam make it through. Looks that way for now. *whew*

Yes, I embedded a gif. All the cool kids are doing it. Wait, that's what the kids are saying these days, right? Cool?

Anyhoo, just thought I'd drop in with a recap of my awesome birthday festivities. This past Wednesday, I turned 31, and it was a lovely day. The hubs surprised me with "breakfast in the bedroom" (ie I got up earlier than he expected, so I was already up getting ready when he walked in with eggs 'n toast), then I opened up the tear-jerker of a card and genuine excitement-inducing first gift of the day -- a DVD of "Lincoln", which we have yet to see but I'm positive it's one I NEED in my arsenal of historical fiction movies. Oh, and he also made my lunch, so how's about that for a lucky woman?

My mom surprised me with a cake (no, it's not organic, but it doesn't have to be -- it's my favorite flavor, the frosting was homemade, and dude, it was free) and some cashola, which is always the right size. Wink. IfyaknowwhatI'msayin'. Yeah, you do.

As I left for work, I noticed that the tulips in front of my house had finally bloomed. Just for me?!?! Aww, thank you! I feel so special.

The work day was relatively drama-free. That's always a bonus.

The evening was rounded out with my hubby doing dishes (and, no, I didn't have to cook ;-)) and a few more gifts: a magnet with the kid's mug on it (adorbs!!), a copy of "The Happiness Project" which I can't WAIT to read...quite possibly aloud to Dave (unsolicited), and my holy grail - an organic Ergo baby carrier. *SQUEEEEAAAL!*

My birthday festivities will continue with a sure-to-be-incredible dinner out this weekend at the locally infamous (in a good way) "The Tailor and the Cook", which strives to serve locally-sourced foods in a deliciously gourmet way. I can't wait to eat there, and I can't WAIT to blog about it!! *happy dance*

We'll also be taking part in the Spring Farm Cares First Annual Run/Walk (it's my brother-in-law Dan's baby and we're SO proud of him!!) -- the baby's first charity event! Gotta start 'em early, folks.

Oh, and Sunday I get a birthday gift from my sis -- she's coming over to watch the little one while I do (drum roll, please)... SPRING CLEANING!!!! You have no idea, I'm so excited to get this stuff off my list. Having no child underfoot (or constantly needing to look over your shoulder to see what he's getting into) seems to make the work go way faster...or, at least, I'll be sure to do my best Tasmanian Devil impersonation to get as much finished as I can. See, THAT's what a real best friend/sister is for. She asked what I wanted, what I would never get for myself (that's an awesome question), but I could only come up with, "Come occupy my little stinker so I can CLEAN!" LOL. Happy Birthday. Go wash windows. ;-)

So, in case I haven't said it yet, I feel like a pretty durn lucky lady. Flowers blooming, babies giggling, husbands cooking. How did I get so lucky?

That being said, I look at birthdays a bit like New Year's Eve; it's a good time to press "reset" and try to do some self-analysis (but, then, when am I NOT doing that?). I've been talking with the hubs a lot lately about our future -- jobs, where we'll settle (whether it's close to our current area, which houses our family and some friends or closer to different jobs and a more, um, "open", safe, creative environment for the tyke), how we can get a handle on debt, etc. We are two incredibly indecisive, gun-shy individuals, so to make a huge life change would be...well, huge. And take, like, a year. Then we'd question it for another year. Eh, so is life.

But, I realize there are little steps towards a happier future that may not be reliant upon a new house (although I get Trulia updates from about 8 different locations, some local and some far, far away) or a different job for either of us. I've discussed getting our budget under control, and honestly it just hasn't happened. I want it to. We both want to have that conversation. I hate to make an excuse, but our baby (for all his cuteness and sweetness and his impeccable sense of humor -- the kid's got timing) is a time-sucker. And, I'm tellin' ya, if you want to hash out $$$, ya wanna make sure you're not cross-eyed tired, or else unforeseen arguments will ensue. Just consider yourselves warned.

So, my goal in May is to finally find the time to figure out our budget. (Notice I said "our" since I don't consider Dave's debt HIS debt; I consider it OURS. We're in this thing together.) In the process, I hope to loosen up some kaching that's been gushing towards things I don't generally need to be wasting my time with. Sure, I'll be spending some money on gardening this month, and hope to budget for a few projects, but getting in touch with my financial flow is the point here.

Another goal (which doesn't have a real time frame) is to fix up the ol' blog. I've got an idea or two to change some stuff up, and I want to start incorporating more than just my random, all over the place thoughts. I enjoy reading DIY types of blogs, so why the heck not try my hand at it more? I've learned a lot about shopping for healthier (note: this term seems to be defined differently by every single person on earth, so take it with a grain of salt), so why not share what I've learned? I throw together little recipes from time to time, so why not shoot a few more pictures? (Yeah, I suck at using my own pics.) I also have a lil' organizational idea up my, brain...that I'm hoping to implement in the next few months, or at least during the summer. Ha. Vague enough for ya?

Regardless, I hope you guys enjoy the changes that I make. I do write for myself (or else I wouldn't do it! How's that for selfish? ;-)), but I'd like to make this a stop not only for some quirky banter, but a resource for folks. That being said, I'd also appreciate your help.

As a big ol' "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" to me, I'm asking that you tell one person about my little space on the web. If you enjoy stopping in, tell a friend. If you find it to be an utter waste of your time, tell someone you're not fond particularly of. You totally know what I mean. At least 20% of your Facebook friend list consists of those acquaintances that you probably wouldn't keep in contact with if it wasn't for the void that is FB. ;-) I'm not picky.

Please and thank you!! And I LOVE YOU all for reading. Seriously. Smooches to all!

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