Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hoppin' Down the Bunny Trail...

I recently mentioned that I'm not a huge Easter fan as far as the bunny and stuff like that goes. But with a baby in the mix, things are shifting.

"The tiiiimes they aaaare a-chaaangin'!"

I'm pretty sure that I'm a bigger Easter do-er than the hubs. The first year we were together, I put together a basket for him, complete with a yo-yo, candy, and ubiquitous plastic "Easter grass". He was grateful, but generally confused as hell. This was when I first realized that I'm apparently an Easter celebrator. Whether I like it or not, I. Must. Observe. It.

So, I'd like to get into the habit of not making the holiday an uber-candyfest. I'm resigned to the fact that there will be candy (like "There Will Be Blood"...isn't that a freaking incredible movie?! "I...drink...your...milkshake!!!" I heart Daniel Day Lewis) on certain holidays. Hell, I even look a little forward to certain candy. For example, I'm into Cadbury Cream Eggs (just need one) and Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs, and Dave's a Jelly Belly guy all year 'round. So, that's all we'll be getting from the Easter Bunny this year. That's it. Not organic, but it's not 365 days a year.

Otherwise, like with my childhood, it's all about getting JUUUUUST a basketful of goodies that meet both practical and play needs; pretty much a 50/50 split. There are a handful of outfits that he needs in a certain size, so the EB will provide that (in the future, it'll be PJs, a new pair of sneakers, and maybe an outfit).

Then comes "the fun." There are a handful of items that I got as a kid that he can have now -- but with adult supervision (and sometimes adult use, actually). Like bubbles. I'm excited to see how he reacts to seeing them float up and fly around, popping on grass and cement and fingers. No jump ropes or anything this year, but perhaps a ball to roll and bounce this summer, a pail and little shovel (which may act as his "basket" -- use whatchya got), and, of course, some of the larger plastic "refillable" eggs (empty this year) that we can reuse year-to-year. I also prefer the filler grass to be paper so that it's at least recyclable (and maybe reusable, we'll see).

Oh. And, of course, a book or two. That's as much for Daddy as it is the Hadman.

We won't be decorating any eggs this year since it's not like he'll be able to get his craft on very easily, anyway, but we'll hunt for a few hidden eggs.

As far as the day goes, it's not like we have to do present-opening or anything nuts like that. More like, "Oh, look what you got! Thank you, Easter Buuuunnnyyyy!!! Let's go get changed and watch 'Mohawk Valley Living' and 'CBS Sunday Morning.'" Then, it looks like we'll be putting on a small brunch (ha! If you know me, you know "small" is a complete joke) for Dave's folks, which I'm really, really looking forward to. Why do I love making brunch so much?? It's a sickness, people. You can go as fancy as you like, or not. You can sneak in delicious free-range, humanely treated chicken eggs and organic fruits and veggies and no one's the wiser (and no one says "this hotdog tastes funny"). Brunch is da bomb. Can we please bring back "da bomb"??

Then, after brunching it up, we'll do a little dinner visit with my side of the family. If it's nice out, the EB hides eggs outside. It's always hysterical to see our almost-17-year-old nephew playing along as much as the younger ones (OMG, his sister's a big girl now, too...when did that happen?!). There's a story concerning a "little red riding hood" outfit that we'll embarrass him with for years to come.

So, even though I'm not into the whole Easter Bunny side of things, consider me officially a stowaway on the bandwagon that is Easter.

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