Monday, March 25, 2013

Bathroom Update #3

I know what you're thinking. When will this %$#@ bathroom be done, already? (Either that, or "Who the $#@% cares about your stupid bathroom?" In which case, I say... "Um. Whoa. Harsh much? Go away. Please and thank you.")

I'd be with you on the impatience train if it wasn't for the fact that I'm finally seeing TRANSFORMATION when I look at the space. Sure, it's messy and incomplete and we grow tired of reminding guests to "ignore our renovation", but I can finally see the finish line. And, lemme tell ya, that finish line is purdy. Puuuuurrrrdyyyyy.

Here's what we were last left with (and here's the horrific "before", which doesn't include the "arts and crafts" style vanity and mirror enclosure...*shivers*):

That color still has me super excited and lovin' life. (Remember that color since the below pictures don't do it justice.) But, NOW, we've finally laid the tiles to rest.


Rest in peace, Tiles. You weren't really loved by us, but whomever decided to put you in sure liked ya, so you must've served some purpose. Enjoy the great hereafter.

I had originally wanted sheets of wainscotting, but for whatever reason, the guys nixed that and instead went with this plasticy material that comes in sheets about a foot wide that were cut down (and slid into each other). I'm not sure if this was a better choice or not, given how much white plasticy dust-like material we've been cleaning up (and this has been a several-Saturdays-in-a-row project, poor guys), but it does look awesome, doesn't it? There are imperfections, but the house is pretty imperfect, so it's suited.

You may notice that we still need to caulk/spackle the trim (it'll actually be done by the time this post goes live; I just couldn't wait to upload some pictures). Next comes the vinyl floor tiles and quarter round, then details!

Oh, and here's the "had to find SOME vanity and the style we wanted isn't available from Lowe's or Home Depot anymore" vanity...which I actually really like for the space. We were going to go with a white one with a euro styling, but this works fine. It also came with a few dings (the trouble of going with a darker wood option) but it's nothing some filler can't take care of...if I match it properly. ;-) And, no, we don't have the toilet paper holder up yet. Keepin' it classy.

Almost done!!! Hopefully it won't take much longer.


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    1. Thanks, Tara! Can't wait to get that mismatched floor done next. :-)