Thursday, June 26, 2014

Currently - June 26

Howdy, folks! Back for this week's "Currently", and guess what that means! Yep, I'm done. One more year of inventory's in the books. It's not perfect, and I've gotta work on some areas during the school year to organize better and weed, but it's D-O-N-E enough for me. Whew.

Time to check in with the ol' "Currently" list of the week...

The learning that's been going on in our little monkey's head lately is awe-inspiring. It seems like every day he "gets" a new word or concept. Sure, he needs to practice some of these (er, all of them) to mastery, but for now the fact that he can communicate with us and does so in such an at-times hilarious, sweet way makes me want to cry. Yup. There I go.

On the nights when the energy hits me, I've been working on making the Hadman's little felt food birthday present. I've got two slices of tomatoes, a slice of cheese (easiest. thing. ever.) done, and am working on a bunch of strawberries (very time consuming), and a bunch of other stuff. I even thought ahead enough to put aside a small plastic container that looks like it holds strawberries for him to put them in. (The edges aren't sharp or anything! Check this mama out, bein' all cautious.) My husbands says that it's the absolute PERFECT gift since the little man's been really into "mixing" and making "soup" lately. Like, it's one of the only playful activities I can get him to do, for real.

I'm loving a lot right now. Loving the fact that I get to be home with our monkey all summer. Loving that we got a season pass to the zoo, so we can hit that joint up whenever we want. Loving that we're planning our vacation, and I'm super excited to hit the road! Loving that I get to celebrate my nephew's awesomeness at his graduation party this weekend. Just. Loving. Everything. Oh, and my cats are pretty rad, too.

I haven't been reading a lot beyond magazines lately, but since school has come to an end I'll get to turn my attention back to a few already-started books piled up next to the bed. I tend towards non-fiction, so I've got a couple of history and biographical works (one on Audrey Hepburn that's awesome so far), but I might push the boundaries and see if anyone has a FUN fiction suggestion for me. (No mysteries...all fun!) I only know what's on the kiddies' best seller lists lately.

I love smelling stuff. Is that weird? Maybe it's a tad less weird if I explain that I enjoy smelling GOOD stuff. Like the summer breeze. And a freshly-bathed baby. And my cats. (They smell good, I assure you. They're OCD clean. Aren't most cats?) Not less weird? Eh. It's my thing, I guess. I also hope to FINALLY be smelling some flowers outside!! I got my veggie garden planted, but the foundation plantings I usually get done around Memorial Day...well...didn't happen. I was waiting to paint the foundation itself, but I think I'm just gonna get on it. The house looks depressing without some fun pops of color...and I need something new to stick my nose in.

How are you guys doing this week?? Enjoying the awesomeness that is summer? Yeah.

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  1. Nahh, I love smelling stuff too. It's a totally underrated sense. And my cats smell the best - they're probably cleaner than me most days!

    1. Yay! I'm not the only "smeller"! It's also a great way to connect with memories on a more realistic level, I find. ie Dad wore Old Spice, Grandma's pantry smelled of spilled spices from years passed and her kitchen like chopped celery, etc.