Friday, June 20, 2014

Currently - June 20th

Holy crap. There's less than a week left of school.

I feel like I've been as busy as a bee lately, with inventory (which I told y'all about last week) and a poor little teething toddler-monkey and getting some stuff together for my sister's tag sale this weekend. It's weird because it feels like I've hardly gotten anything done; at least, nothing of note, nothing you can SEE necessarily done. But, I have.

So, anyhoo, here's what is "currently" going on...

1. Watching our almost-nightly episodes of the Dick Van Dyke show help to give us a mental break and a quick escape into what seems to have been a fun time to live. I actually bought Dave this book for Father's Day (let's just say I can't wait to read it, too). We love that Rob Petrie treats his wife pretty equally by the day's standards, and when he mentions that he's "changed our son plenty" brings to mind today's active dads. It's no secret that I want my own Millie, too. Hoping one moves in nearby! ;-) I'm also in love with any casual pant outfit Laura wears. Adorbs!

Also watching lots of new-to-us Winnie-the-Pooh, Donald Duck, Sesame Street, and Mr. Rogers episodes, thanks to our recent discovery of a USB port on our DVD player. The hubs just hopped on YouTube, hunted for what we've been hoping to show the little guy, then popping it on his flash drive. He also threw in a couple of documentaries for me. Just call me one lucky lady!

Oh, and in a more "existential" way...We're watching Hadley constantly coming up with new words or funny inflections that just make us think, "My God. He's almost two years old. He's such a big boy!" Where HAS the time gone? *sniff, sniff*

2. Wearing capris everyday. Between a sudden bout of summery weather (with a rip-roaring storm Tuesday) and inventory, it's just the comfortable thing to do. I also have a white pair of Clark's sandals that spend 50% of the time on the library floor. Let's just hope I'll be wearing a smile come next Friday, our first official day of vacation (if I don't need to come in to finish my work!). 

3. Wanting inventory to be done. Sorry, I don't mean to complain; it's just where my thoughts are lately. This year, I'm not just "inventorying" but weeding AND getting rid of lots of "stuff" from the back storage room (that has been there for decades). So, factor in over 15,000 books to helpers...still holding library classes...and deleting tons of pre-1960 books from the computer, and it's been busy! (Next year, I'm hitting all the 60's, 70's, and possibly 80's!)

I guess the "let's get rid of crap we don't use" bug has bitten, because I'll be helping my sister out at her yard sale this weekend and bringing along stuff that's cluttered up the basement...closets...heck, everything for awhile. I wish I could've found the time to go through our baby clothes (we've got 6-7 BIG totes in the basement...we could have twins and I'm pretty sure we'd still have stuff leftover at each age) -- maybe tonight, last-minute. Either way, I'm excited to hang out and chat with her all day Saturday!!

4. Waiting until school's over to try potty-training the monkey. He's getting SO close on his own, asking to use the potty at his grandma's house during the day, that I just need to keep the momentum going, then make the jump to big boy undies. *sigh* Our little man's growing up!!!

5. With inventory and grading hanging over my head, I don't really feel like I'm winning at much in life. I take stress in stride and it doesn't usually show outwardly, but I do beat myself up internally more than I'd like to admit. I guess the most "winningest" part of life lately is the small things: getting the kiddo to eat dinner, take a bath, and to bed without much drama; getting grades done; remembering to, say, brush my hair.

Actually, I'm doing well at remembering to just enjoy the time that I'm not working, and I'm really not stressing too much while at work. Just keep pluggin' away. Just keep pluggin'.

So, what have YOU been WATCHING / WEARING / WANTING / WAITING / WINNING lately? Seriously, when I post next week's "Currently", I'll be D-O-N-E with school for the year! I'm probably a tad more excited than our students about that!!

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  1. I nearly couldn't get past the first sentence! Still in school?! Crazy sauce.

    1. What's your neck-of-the-woods? When did your kids get out?? :-) I'm pretty sure we've stated through the end of June since forever (or at least when I was a kid) here in upstate NY.