Monday, March 3, 2014

Bursting My Clothes

Burst time again! So, my 15-minute challenge this time was my own clothes. I knew I couldn't do my closet and dresser at one time, so I just tackled the worst place -- the overflowing dresser. (No "before" shot, but just envision a tall dresser with a stack of clothes on it. Always a husband-pleaser.)

Most of the drawers were okay, but I did find a handful of items to put in our Goodwill pile.

The worst spot, however? My two (T-W-O!) drawers for shirts.

I've got a problem, people.

Yes, those are all shirts. I had 10+ tank tops. Seriously. WHY would I keep those around when we have a foot and a half of snow outside? Into under-bed storage they went.

I also found a few larger size tops from post-pregnancy which I put into storage, too.

Then, I stacked them based on usage. I have old tees (which I probably shouldn't have, but they're SO COMFY!!!! And I can paint...and them.....and now my mind is wondering why my husband even hangs around with me wearing a 12th grade t-shirt from "Once Upon a Mattress" smeared with paint), work tops, and in-between t-shirts (nicer than the nice 'n soft, crappy ones). The nice ones went in the top drawer; comfy ones below.

Which left me with a nice, clean bed again. Beds are great for organizing your stuff, aren't they? Perfect negative space.

The other spot (of which I shan't be sharing pics) is my underwear drawer. My GOD. I need to shop for new underwear. poor husband.

I decided to take out all of the frilly stuff I don't wear often (I'm not a stockings girl, but was raised to own every possible configuration ) and put it into one of my smaller top drawers that wasn't being used.

(I was also thrown back in time to my post-baby days with a stack of nursing bras and hospital underwear...yes, hospital underwear. Underwear given from the hospital. I kept those. God only knows why. And now you can sleep soundly knowing THAT little tidbit.)

The one thing I didn't achieve in this 15-minute burst? My jewelry drawer. Ugh. Hoping to find something to artistically hang my necklaces and bracelets on (no pierced ears here). Oh, and it's all pretty much costume. Nothing too valuable here. ;-) (Just dusty boxes.)

Have you been getting any organizing done lately? This is not representative of how on-top-of-things I am lately. It's a miracle I'm dressed and upright, with all I've got goin' on. Yet, I am, and it feels like a feat in and of itself.

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