Friday, January 17, 2014

Blog Name Indecision

Since I posted a recipe on Monday, I'm going to skip Foodie Friday for today and address something I mentioned/requested help with on Facebook this week. My blog name.

The original name came courtesy a previous Facebook request (one of the things Facebook is actually good at -- ask for opinions and ye shall receive).

I love "Meg Acts Out" (or "Meg, Acting Out", depending on the day). It's me. I never would've used the name if not. While I have a post just about the meaning behind it, I can concisely describe it in three explanations -- a) I enjoy acting with a local theater club (and in general, I suppose), b) I've been a little acty-outy (made that up) ever since I was a child (no jail time, but I'm sure I caused plenty of sleepless nights), and c) I'm, at times, outgoing. Bam. Bam. Bam.

But, lately, for a bucketload of reasons, I'm thinking it's time for a change. Time to retire the old blog name.

Mind you, by no stretch of the imagination does this mean that I'm going to stop blogging. Quite the contrary; I hope to blog just as much, and hopefully in a new-and-improved way.

Some of my favorite bloggers successfully switcheroo-ed their blog names, be it for legal reasons, to take their writing in a new direction, to re-market (cool factor), or just because they'd outgrown the prior name. And I can relate to most of that.

In my case, the name feels stale. I haven't acted in awhile. (Unless you count a quick stint on our old "radio" remake of "A Christmas Carol", don't.) I know I will again, but it's not my life anymore. It's PART of my life (and an important one), but I'm first and foremost a mama. It's only fair.

I've also somehow become a bit of an introvert. Heck, if I could still be an outgoing, balls-to-the-wall, doesn't-give-a-damn-what-folks-think, confidence-oozing person, I'd wear that like a hip coat. (Side note: I love a good hip coat.) I'm not sure at what point I lost a lot of that, but it was pre-baby. I'm often anxious, unsteady, and self-conscious around folks. HOWEVER, one place that I'm quite comfortable to say WHATEVERRRR (said in a high-pitched Oprah voice) is here. So, there's that.

Another reason for wanting "the switch" is that I'm hoping to hop over from the amateur world o' Blogger over to the slick(er) world o' Wordpress. Since I'm going to change, I figured I might as well grab a cheap domain to accompany it -- and just sounds...kinda dirty. A little porn-ish. Is it just me?

I'm also hoping that a change will help me to focus on what my purpose is. I
'd like my blog to be a fun place. I want folks to read with an ultimate goal of having fun or leaving with a smile on their face. Why read anything if it's not going to be a positive force in your life? That said, if you could walk away having learned a new idea or recipe or, hell, even a good joke...I'm happy.

But, what does that entail?

I'm green, but not super-duper green. I'd grade us on the darker end of the spectrum, but it's not a race to see who's the most eco-friendly. One great lesson I've learned as a blogger.

I'm a mom, but I'm not sure I'm a "mommy blogger" -- many of my readers aren't moms OR parents, and I'm so happy about that. It's cool when other parents relate to you (WICKED cool, 'cuz they've hardly got time to pee let alone read a blog), but when you're writing about poo diapers and STILL can hold a non-parental attention span...that's the money right there.

I consider myself to be modern in many ways, but Dave and I both associate with a buttload of history. We're those "if we could live in another era..." people. Our appreciation runs wicked deep, and we like to take lessons from the everyday individuals of the past on how to enhance our lives today.

I lurve me some DIY and decor stuff, but I'm a novice. It's a passion of mine that I'd like to incorporate into the blog, but obviously don't want to over-stuff

I'm far from a food blogger (hello, there, iPhone pics!) but enjoy sharing our trials and attempts at keeping up with a REALISTIC real food diet.

I'm a New Yorker, but not one of THOSE New Yorkers.

Yes, I do have a dramatic side. Why else would I watch "Downton Abbey"?

I'm quirky to no end. Unnatural love of old music (40's...check. Beatles...check. Show tunes...check. EVERY MONKEES SONG EVER WRITTEN AND EVERY RECORDED PERFORMANCE INCLUDING ALTERNATING LEAD, check.
Gregorian chants...not as of late.) Distinct cat voices for each cat, along with highly-evolved personality traits. An appreciation of British and Canadian humor. (Kids in the Hall, what what!)

As with most decisions in life and an ability to self-analyze properly, I suck. It seems that the idea of "Who knows YOU better than YOURSELF?" doesn't apply here. Seriously. I'm sometimes shocked (and awed, it's true) at how well another individual can peg me perfectly. How do people do that?

I can generally say the above facts ("I like pizza, how 'bout you?") but my creative well's gone dry as far as putting them together into a cohesive blog name. Do I just do a good ol' lifestyle blog? Should I lean green? Should I hit more parent-friendly notes?

Well, this is where y'all come in. I've received some awesome ideas on Facebook regarding the "What should my new blog title be?" question. I'm mulling them over in my head (while my husband suddenly gets caught up Googling old 1930s terms in hopes of using one in my title...only to get sucked into the stupid fact void that is the interwebs), but would like some more ideas.

Now that you know my conundrum, what would YOU rename this place? If you're new here, click through some of my crappy archive page (scroll down to find the month-by-month) or just click back through the ages by scrolling to the bottom of the home page.

I'm counting on the fact that you guys have been reading and viewing from a different perspective than the writer, and may be able to label this place and what I've been doing a little better.

Any ideas are MORE than welcome in the comment section. I'd also like to hear whether you think there's still life in the current name (porn-ish sounding or not) and WHY! And, as usual, any other suggestions or "I like when you did this...why don't you do that more?" types of ideas are welcome.

Thanks, in advance! Love you guys!


  1. I like the "old name" with a new perspective, of course, that's only my opinion. You stated above the reasoning behind the name is because of your acting fun with the Little Theater Group, you younger years, etc ... You're more mom now, so thinking of a change .... I get it, trust me, I get it! ;) BUT as I see it, you don't fit into a "mold", you aren't cliche, you can't even decide exactly what you want to blog about besides the fact of having a free space to be yourself - which at 30 something, I think everyone finds themselves being socially awkward (unless that's just you and I alone in that row boat haha). I never know what I'm going to be reading about when it comes to your blogs, that's the fun of it - I get a little bit of everything (the mature self says it's cultured) - you're "acting out" without even realizing that your mature self has encompassed the same title, just by different means. And let's be frank here, sex sells, so if your name is slightly "porn-ish" (which I never thought of in that light, but kinda see your point not that it's been said) you may get more viewers with a more provocative name?! Maybe.... LOL!! Whatever you decide, your frequent viewers are behind you all the way (yes, I'm taking the liberty to speak for everyone, hope they don't mind).

    1. I couldn't love you comment more if it was smothered in chocolate sauce and Beatles records -- and equally love that you spoke for "everyone" (all 8 of ya). ;-) It definitely gives me something to think about! (And you're right. We're all painfully, wonderfully socially awkward; but, at least we're doin' it together!)