Friday, December 13, 2013

Yo, Yogurt!

Happy Friday the 13th, y'all! As you may or may not know, every time one of these "unlucky" days rolls around, I count my blessings -- Hadley was born on a Friday the 13th and he was obviously one of the luckiest things to ever happen to me. ;-) So, happy 17-month birthday, munchkin!

During a recent trip to Hannaford, I discovered that they were no longer carrying Stonyfield's organic "YoBaby" yogurt. (The toddler version is low-fat. Our homey don't play that. I, however, have jumped back on the bandwagon of Chobani low-fat Greek yogurt. Purely for taste reasons.) So, I finally decided to make a poop-or-get-off decision to make our own organic, whole milk, minimal ingredient take-along yogurt for Hadley to bring to the sitter.

I even made it "fruit on the bottom." Score!

I took my mini Ball storage jars and put some thawed, cut-up strawberries (with a little juice from the bag) in the bottom, followed by a few spoonfuls of plain, whole milk yogurt. Easiest. Recipe. Ever.

You can also make it vanilla by adding a teensy bit of vanilla extract, or sweeten it with a drizzle of maple syrup. I've also thrown in blueberries or applesauce with some cinnamon. The possibilities are almost endless. Well...within reason. ;-)

And, for a special treat, I'm sure some organic chocolate syrup (yes, it exists...stop laughing ;-)) would be cool.

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