Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Whoomp, Hair It Is

I don't do this. I don't look in a mirror much. Once my makeup's faded for the day, I tend not to reapply. The second I get home, I make a dash for the shower (alone time!!! Well, except for the cats) and sweatpants. (Don't worry; I don't wear them in public.) And I hadn't gotten a professional haircut in about a year.

My mom trimmed it for me a couple of times when I asked her, but she's not a hairdresser anymore and I'm sure she wanted me to go to someone who could do something beyond trimming the split ends.

So, I finally took the challenge (okay, I waited a few weeks before finally getting up the nerve) and called one of the few hair places I feel totally comfortable going.

Side tangent: Is it just me, or do beauticians seem to need to have built-in professionalism classes in their training? I've been anything from completely ignored, talked over, texted over, sneered at, and any number of other unpleasant things. My girl this time was great and tried to converse, which was lovely. Maybe I'm just a poor socializer these days, but if I'm not talking about the local bar scene (and I clearly don't spray tan like you, ladies), I don't exist.

Blah. *shakes it off* Okay, all done.

So, yeah, I got it cut. Here are some just fantastic...grade A...couldn't-be-better iPhone pics of what I looked like before...

...and after.

I know, they're both poorly lit selfies that are hard to see. Let's just say that I had fallen victim to the dreaded hair-tie. And when I make a ponytail or bun, it isn't instantly cute in a messy, sweet little way. I tend to have a wayward bump (cowlick much?) or my bun comes out too tight (Why, yes, I am a librarian...why do you ask?) or so loose it falls out. And, no, the other accessories out there made for these particular purposes don't work. My hair rejects anything non-hair-tie.

So, before was a ponytail. SUPER long and uneven and just bad. Draggin' down my game, I guess.

After, it wasn't styled per se (it was more of a cut and blow-out), but felt way lighter, had some funky layers (but not too funky; I recall saying, "I'd like some layers, but not, like, Joan Jett layers." And I now realize that she graduated two years ago and probably has no clue who that is. D'oh.), and I can definitely work with it. Winning!

And the best part? Just like post-haircut last year, Hadley was the first to notice. He came right over and, while I was untying his boot, he started running his hand through my shorter front layers.

So. Sweet.

I may have to do this more often. ;-) Oh, and it only cost 20 bucks (plus tip), so it easily came out of my "cash allotment."


  1. It's like you wrote this post with my brain. I rarely wear make-up anymore and when I do, I'm in a rush to wash it off.

    The last time I went to a professional hairstylist I didn't do my research first. The lady was pleasant, we talked, she did colors and cut my hair. Then slapped with a bill of $105 (without a tip). I had expected around $75 so I was shocked when it was so much. So shocked in fact that I haven't been to a professional in almost 4 years. And those girls who can just throw their hair up in a messy bun/pony and look cute? I hate them. I try it and look like I haven't bathed in a month! ;)

    1. Holy expensive!! I'm so sorry for that type of a hit to the wallet. I'm terrified to start dyeing my hair between the cost and upkeep...the wayward gray will just have to be for now. Glad you could relate to the post!