Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Autumn Decor - A Modern Mismatch

So, my attention had been diverted from any and all thoughts of autumn decor with our little guy's health scare. Things are getting back to usual around here, though, and it's nice to have a little mental break, so I've decided I need to join a party -- a link party!

Today's post is the mantel zshuzshing theme. Since I've only got a fake mantel (actually a relatively small shelf), I did some accessorizing there, as well as on the nearby "awkward places" that separate our living room and dining room. Uuuummm, yeah. The pictures help explain that a lil' bit.

Since I haven't been able to hit up the craft stores with going-on two weeks of family illness creating homebodies out of all of us, (and our grocery store only carried cruddy orange pumpkins...some already painted! What's the fun in that??), I didn't have the items I wish I had to accessorize. I know. Excuses, excuses.

So, instead I decided to work with what we have BUT to keep it simple...for once. ;-) Given that I DID have Clementines on hand (Vitamin C!!!), I did end up with a punch of color.

I did realize that I mixed some metals, in faux mercury glass hurricane vases and some brassy accessories, and I'm surprised that I actually like the effect. I still don't feel comfortable wearing my white gold ring with my brassy necklaces, but I'm getting over it. Am I the only one??

The "mantel" itself has a mix of textures: the shiny brass on the school bell, shimmering glass of the mini-hurricane and clock, earthiness of old wine corks and wood tones, softness of my gloves (I have another antique pair of leather ones that I'm considering switching out)...and it's all grounded by the vintage books.

As far as the "awkward spaces", I kept it vintage yet clean and unfussy. So, in a weird way, it comes off as modern. Scary. It's like I planned it or something. Don't believe it!

The left side has a project that I completed a few years ago -- an old skeleton key glued to some nice textured fabric in a frame, easy peasy -- as well as a simple vignette of a stack of old mags, an old mustard yellow book, a hurricane vase...and a couple of oranges to finish it off. Simple but nice.

The right side has some layering from one of my textured scarves (use whatchya got!), a vintage cake stand, another hurricane vase (to balance both sides from afar), a brassy cup filled with oranges (probably a candle holder), my spiky white urchin, and a tiny antique print. Again, a mix of old and new that somehow comes across as modern. Well, whadya know about that?

I'm sure I'll add something here or there when I finally get out to grab the crafty items I was hoping to grab (and as I work on the other projects; rotations happen, people. That's autumny, right? Substitutions? Football?). So, there we have it! What're you doing to fall-ify your place?
Linking up at Thrifty Decor Chick (love her!).

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