Friday, February 10, 2012

Random Pregnancy Post

By "random" I mean some random pregnancy thoughts, all rolled into one post. :-) Just to clarify.

- Yes, I've finally got "a bump". Strangely enough, I haven't had any strangers comment on it yet, nor anyone who didn't already know I was pregnant. A few students are looking at me strangely or whisper to each other, but that's not really different from any other day. ;-) I figure strangers aren't mentioning it because it still looks a bit like a lady who ate a huge Thanksgiving dinner rather than "there's something growing in there" belly. Bought a pair of jeans the next size up from Goodwill (they were brand new, thankyouverymuch), but think I'll need to do a tad more shopping to get me through this "in between" phase. Going to try out a few consignment shops in the area. Oh, and I've definitely got some stuff for when I get BIG.

- Speaking of clothes, my sister was awesome enough to give us a huge Tupperware container full of her newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months (and even beyond!) clothes from her current little bundle of joy. (When I say "bundle of joy", I really mean it. She's awesome.) Most of the clothes are neutral since they didn't learn the sex of her baby prior, either. I know some folks are dying to buy clothes, but I'm happy with what we currently have. We're still clinging tight to the "simplify, simplify, simplify" motto. 

- Movement is a-happenin'. Not a whole lot, but it's there. It's not so much a "flutter" as folks have described it, since it's not that ticklish or butterfly-like, but it's definitely not quite yet a "kick". Mind you, if I was the over-sharing type to post an ultrasound picture, you'd see in one of the latest that this kid's got McCoy legs -- like long frog legs. So, I figure sooner than later it'll start to feel more like a soccer game in "mah bellay." (Fat Bastard? Anyone? Sorry, the hubs and I have a small connection to Austin Powers.)

- It was cool to search for a food question and actually receive a resounding "Yes, you CAN eat that - actually, eat MORE of it!" rather than the usual "Ruh roh. Don't do that." (It was like landing on "Go to Jail" in Monopoly. Wop wop.) I've been eating a little less healthily lately, for whatever reason (mostly exhaustion and laziness), but always with a piece of fruit or yogurt or glass of milk, so I'm clearly still in the game. But, when I went shopping for my usual large container of Chobani at Hannaford the other day, my frustration grew even further - they had done away with my strawberry. Consider my cheese MOVED. Don't move a pregnant lady's cheese.

Out of spite and a bad mood (and presumably to prove a whom, I have no idea ;-)), I purchased one of the over-priced regular-sized Chobanis and a 4-pack of Stonyfield Farm's Organic Probiotic Strawberry Yogurt. A sudden buyer's remorse swirled in my head - "Wait. Those probiotic thingies are alive. Am I allowed to have this?" Clearly, I can, and I look forward to seeing if it helps any of the stomach "issues" I've been having since becoming pregnant - and have even read that doctors have advised that kids who may be a little "off" in that area should eat the stuff. Neat! Putting that in my back pocket for now.

- Not sure if it's hormones or just environmental/exterior factors, but I've been a tad bummed lately. Trying to control it, since I'd rather send nothing but positive vibes to the little one, but it's been a challenge. Working on it. (See the bottom bullet to find out how I'm working on it. ;-))

- I couldn't be happier that the weekend is upon us (and that a week-long vacation starts a week from today). The pregnancy exhaustion has hit me again, and there's just so much we'd like to get done...but I wish just a little that I could accomplish those tasks without it taking the wind out of my sails completely. It can be tough to take it all in stride, but I wish I could. Trying! And hoping that a couple of the "sit in sweats and use the computer" assignments on my to-do list can get accomplished, at least. ;-)

- Apparently, the baby can officially hear what's happening in the outside world. If this is the case, he/she has been learning how to politely say "no thank you" (or "our budget was cut...") to a kazillion book vendors on the phone today. I'm sure this talent will serve him/her well one day.

- I can't wait to create a "mood board" to post about the nursery. I'd like to share more about our home goings-on (since, hey, most of the blogs I love and one of my new, favorite distractions is design, DIY and purdy stuff) - plus, it's fun to see what folks think. When they're nice. *wink* We've already got two of the colors down (plus white and wood - do those count as colors? *double wink*) and I just have to nail down the third. Hint: It's yellow...just not sure whether it's a softer, buttery yellow or a fun, bright yellow. And, yes, there will be a fourth color -- after the little nugget arrives on good ol' Planet Earth.

- Oh, yes, I finally touched base with the Universal Yoga Center in New Hartford about some prenatal yoga classes. (Sarah, are you proud?!?!) I'm also grabbing a prenatal yoga DVD to see how I feel about it. Either way, feeling proactive about my health and the baby's well-being (and forcing myself to get off of my butt and DO something for myself) has to be a good thing. ;-) My doctors have asked if I've been exercising, and my "are you kidding? Does laundry count?" response doesn't seem valid anymore.

So, those are the random thoughts that have been bopping around my head. Oh, and that I've GOTTA call Shauna to chat about cloth diapers, making laundry detergent, and even finances when my energy finds me again. :-) Feel free to share any random thoughts you've been having lately - or comment on how silly mine are!


  1. Feeling special - I made it into the blog post! Rest up all you want - you're resting for two! ;)

    1. Hee hee, aren't you special, though? :-) I'll be in touch ASAP. ;-)

  2. Enjoy your pregnancy, Megan! Take care!

    1. Awww, thanks, Kayte! :-) Hope things are going well for your family.