Monday, February 13, 2012

30 Before 30

I saw this "30 Before 30" idea on Making It Lovely and thought "I should so do that!" Actually, I first thought that I had already turned 30...don't even ask me why I thought that. Call it pregnancy brain, or the fact that the pregnancy has got me feeling, emotionally, rrrreeeeeaaaally way older than I actually know I am (and feel).

My thirtieth birthday's on May 1st. This means that, from today, I've got about 2 1/2 months to do some of this stuff. Plus, I'm preggers, and quickly feeling that "gut pain" thing that happens upon over-excursion. You child-bearing ladies know what I'm talking about. It's like when Jasper uses his hind legs to push all of his weight (which is sizable) into your belly in a spring-loaded take-off. I'd know; he did that yesterday. It's the epitome of "OOF!"

While I'm not into the whole "let's have a huge party" thing (one exception: the surprise shindig Dave threw for me a couple of years back with the help of my mom and sister - who expects a huge 28th birthday surprise party??), I am into the "let me reflect upon this milestone" aspect of things. So, a 30 before 30 list seems manageable. Especially if I take it easy on my pregnant self. Let's see what I can come up with here...

1. Try a yoga class.
2. Start adding to savings.
3. Organize the office.
4. Go for a walk. (You'd be surprised at how hard this is!)
5. Go antiquing.
6. Get some more Etsy goodies posted.
7. Organize the ol' blog.
8. Get rid of 25% more of my wardrobe.
9. Organize/clean out my laptop (pictures & iTunes -- need room for the baby's music, after all).
10. Do some major curb appeal work (spray paint the shutters, kill the ivy , paint the side door, paint the "porch", hang the numbers, plant some pretties)
11. Switch the living room from red accents to...
12. At least organize the craziness that is The Basement Monster.
13. Find someone to take the bed in order to change "guest room" into "nursery."
14. Get a hairstyle.
15. Make some paper cranes (or other awesome origami art).
16. Do some painting...not in the home improvement way.
18. Learn how to use a plain ol' digital camera in the best way possible.
19. Try to post more original pictures on the blog.
20. Gain weight, but not too much. (Seriously, I haven't gained a pound yet, even though my stomach's gotten a bit bigger. How is that possible?!)
21. Make some DIY soap -- be it hand soap or laundry soap.
22. Go through all my dust-collecting books and donate/sell what I'll never read/didn't like.
23. Go some place new with the hubs.
24. Plan a smaller, but manageable garden. (Planting will have to occur well after May 1st. Unless we continue to have a #cancelwinter.)
25. Pick some baby names that we both can live with. (It'd be nice if we both LOVED them, but live with is the current goal.)
26. Set up Amazon Affiliate.
27. Take a road trip.
28. Find enough room to actually be able to have every piece of my wardrobe put away simultaneously. Then follow through.
29. Reupholster the wine chair and slipcover/paint the ottoman.
30. Pick up the house once a week. (Yes, once. It doesn't look horrible the rest of the week if I do it this way. I know myself; once a day isn't gonna happen.)

I think I can live with these. I'm fully expecting not to have the energy/time to accomplish ALL of the above-mentioned items, but lots of them - yup. Besides, it's not like 30 is the end of anything (except one's 20s, I suppose), so what I don't finish, I'll put into my next "To Do" list. Some pressure (like in the form of posting 30 things that you'd like to work on publicly)


  1. Does this mean I should do a 40 before 40, too? ;-)

  2. Sure! Why not? The more, the merrier. :-)