Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Light ‘n Bright with White

What could have possessed me to stay up past 11 (scandalous) on a Saturday night, when I had been awake since 3:30am? Only one thing. One thing that I've been obsessing over and hunting for all over the interwebs for months, if not longer. A white slipcover.

Yes, we have 3 cats. Why do you ask?

I was a little concerned that the state of the packaging would indicate a poor quality product therein, but nope. Halleluiah! After a wash and an ironing (it's so less exhausting when I type it and rush by the words as if it didn't take me FOREVER to do), followed by a wrestling match that my sweet husband tried to help with several times (leave it to the professionals, dear), our once-green-slipcovered couch turned into a presentable white-slipcovered couch, which started its life as a deep blue regular couch.


I've been wanting to switch up the look in this living room for awhile. It's cozy and all, but the burgundy/sage green/tan thing has been wearing thin, especially with all the gorgeous, breezy living rooms I've seen on awesome sauce blogs and how'd-they-do-that magazines lately. I'm also itching to tear up the rug to see what condition our floors are in, but I know there's some boards that need replacing and I'm not sure how far the plywood that was put in its place runs. *sigh* More dreams. I've even had dreams of sanding and refinishing them all by my lonesome...but, inevitably, my mother would regale me with the story of the time that my father did the same thing. The wood floors in my bedroom were a bright orange compared to the rest of the house. Ruin things for everyone, Dad, sheesh. ;-)


So, I'll be phasing out the burgundy, and even some of the sage (if not all of it). Got s'more upholstering to do (hello, ugly green ottoman. I'm talkin' to you.), but the surprised reaction that I got from Dave was priceless. Oh, did I not mention that I had purchased said item without telling my husband? I was hoping to surprise him with a freshly-slipcovered couch after work one night, but I was just too excited with Saturday's mail not to tear it open right then and there.

The white stands out a bit right now, but I'll be working on that. I just love that it doesn't suck the light out of the room like the darker green color anymore. Makes the room look a tad bigger, too!

By the way, the thing ran me around $60, plus some shipping and handling. While at Target Sunday, we noticed that even just a small chair slipcover ran around that amount, so we were pleased as punch with my purchase. Just think: A couch that my hubby has proudly owned since college + pretty cheap slipcover = no more pining for financially unattainable Pottery Barn couches. Priceless.

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