Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One Year Later - Wedding Fun

Dave and I celebrated our one-year anniversary this past weekend, so I’m going to ask you to indulge me for one post. I’d like to remember the silly stuff from the wedding day. We did our best to focus on the most important part of the wedding – y’know, the marriage part – but sometimes it’s fun to reminisce about the stuff that people tend to remember more than the personal stuff.
We were lucky enough to have a lot to laugh about 10/9/10, mostly thanks to our close friends. Our families were VERY well-behaved (consider us pleased and proud that everyone got along so well - we've since realized that things aren't always this pleasant), but as my mother said, a person would have to have been dead not to have a ball at our wedding. (How many "have"s can you fit in one sentence?)

The only control we had over the fun factor was in the planning; otherwise, our friends (and family...but mostly friends) took over and did most of the work. Our "fun factors" were, in no particular order: music, activities, people, food, and photography. These seem like no-brainers, but stay with me here; it's how we planned, selected and set up these factors that let us relax and enjoy the day while allowing our guests to cut loose, too. Looking back, I realize that the day, ultimately, was as much about "them" (the people that we love and adore) as much as it was about "us".

Music: If we hadn't selected our DJ, who was meticulous in HIS own planning of our reception time and in the gathering of information from us (hate the electric slide, love Beatles songs), the dance floor wouldn't have been hopping like it was 'til the moment people finally left (or headed down to the Dungeon for drinky dinks). Seriously, for an afternoon reception, I was shocked at how many people were still dancing hours into it. We hardly had to call people back out to the dance floor for the final dance - "All You Need is Love", which turned into the bride and groom's final dance, surrounded by a circle of LOVE. Best. Moment. Ever.

We knew "DJ Bill T" was going to do an awesome job, because he really brought his A game to my brother-in-law's wedding. But the equation of Bill T plus weird, awesome friends equaled incredibly crazy dance moves. Again, for an afternoon wedding, it was unheard of. Relive with me, won't you?...

air guitar + Journey = awesome.

Christine's Travolta

Activities: As for the little "activities" that we had embedded here and there, people were given the chance to mingle and meet or share in their Dave and Meg stories. We provided cards for folks to leave messages, a scrapbook comparing the bride and groom's growth, from messy-haired kids to awkward teens, to when we finally met and fell in love. Our Flip camera was set out to allow for any greetings or, as it turned out, creepy/strangely-acted-yet-hilarious messages - can't wait 'til we have kids, and they're eventually old enough to watch some of those! Even the table names gave way to some conversation. Oh, and a little game played by our DJ REALLY got the tables talking and laughing, enough to break the ice at the get-go for amiable chatting for the rest of the day.

If we hadn't invited the folks that we had...if we hadn't decided early on to keep the day small, simple, and meaningful...if we hadn't whittled the list down to the people that we truly loved and cared about...we might as well have eloped. A huge wedding, showing how in debt a couple can go by inviting over 200 people, showing how many important people we know well enough to invite...well, it just wasn't us. Our day was MADE by the people we invited. See for yourself...

Good times!

Jim Mills, ie Col. Mustard, ie Hip Hop Extraordinaire.

Chuck, the Professional Party Starter.
(Small Print: Chuck Carr was not paid for his involvement in our wedding.)

And, needless to say, Uncle Mark's perfect mix of humor and somberness made for an eloquent, PERFECT ceremony.

Food: Holy crap, the food was incredible!!! Seriously, I've just gotta share with you just a sample from the menu (and not 'cuz I'm bragging - it's not like I cooked the stuff!): Slow Roast Certified Angus Top Round of Beef served sliced, rosemary mushroom au jus, roasted to medium, with whipped potatoes & frizzled onions (mmm...frizzled onions)...Roast Breast of Turkey with traditional herb sage stuffing, pan gravy (I MUST MASTER SAGE STUFFING...I never knew I liked the herb so much until I tasted this). We were going to go with a chicken and a beef, but given that it was a fall wedding...and given what we found to be delicious (hoping that our guests would agree), let's just say we don't regret it one bit. AAAAND let's just say that when the leaves start to turn, we start craving a Beardslee meal. (And the staff was ON TOP OF EVERYTHING, even down to framing our singed seating chart, which now hangs proudly in our dining room. If they hadn't been so smooth and accommodating with ALL the planning, it wouldn't have been such a perfect day.)

Dave reconstructing the seating chart...

Seriously. I put TONS and TONS of thought into what I cook for people when they come for dinner. At times, I Martha Stewart a little too much. So, it was incredible that we found such a perfect venue for our wedding that would treat our guests just the way I like to treat them when they come over - only slightly better. ;-)

The food was served homestyle, which definitely contributed to folks interacting at their tables. We also had black, champagne, and white M&Ms (one of which was "personalized" with our picture), and a huge chocolate fountain bar (thanks to Dave's mom for prepping all those awesome goodies - I don't think I ate one, but all the guests partook, which is what matters most; the only thing I missed out on!) with marshmallows, graham crackers, and tons of fruit on skewers. This area drew people in...then forced them to do the aforementioned activities. Mwahaha, sneaky.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention, also, the fact that our cupcakes were in-cre-dible, from the Gingerbread Bake Shop. I think we had 4 different flavors, from chocolate and "wedding cake" vanilla to orange and lemon (we were saved one of each, which we ate before and during our honeymoon...so sweet, so yummy). But, the best dessert was OURS. My mother had made a homemade apple pie (her recipe is THE best) with a "D" on it, which we cut into instead of cake. With forks in hand, we fed it to each other. Much nicer than the face-smash, and much more personalized since my hubby's a much bigger pie fan than cake. Throw in the Beatles song "When I'm 64" to cut the pie to, and you've got a memorable, fun time!

Photography: I've said it before and I'll say it again: Sarah Beck is insanely talented and, mostly appreciated, incredibly accommodating and easy to work with. I was SO looking forward to pictures and never once became nervous that they were going to take over the entire day. I feel badly for brides who miss their entire wedding (ie "all the fun") because the photographer's taking a million pictures. Here's just some of the fun Sarah brought along to the party...

And she was kind enough to grab a few extra family shots when folks were heading out...

Oops. Sorry. Not those ones.
Although, this WAS a hilarious moment to capture. ;-)

Of course, the "group shot" loosened people up even more to saunter back into the Dungeon (it also got us away from the other "evil" wedding group that had taken over the bar unexpectedly - which we graciously rose above ;-D Beardslee's folks were so kind about it, though, really) and finish the night off right.

Dave and I marvel at how much fun our wedding day was. I don't think we'd ever renew our vows - nothing could compare to the fun, semi-perfection of our one and only wedding day.


  1. Another great thing about your wedding, it was on John Lennon's birthday!


  3. That, too, Kit! (And, now, Paul's anniversary. ;-D) Sarah, I wish you could've, too!!