Monday, August 1, 2011

Sentence Fragments

I've wanted to update folks even when a full post isn't developed. Or I'm tired. Or busy. Or whatever.

So, here goes. Sentence fragments! (Usually one of my least favorite things.)

Ex-hau-sted Monday. Volunteered for Irishfest ( over the weekend. Pretty good time, made better by the Elders. Check 'em out!

Heritage-wise, one of my absolute favorite.

Let's just say - I have a "Moore Street Girl" t-shirt. I'm not a whore, though. This is a short clip, but at the 2008 Irishfest that I went to...

While listening to song clips, sleepy Beardslee put his arm over his face. Shows what he knows. :-P

Boring summer school day. Only 7 school days and 2 Regents days left. Hasn't been as bad as last year.

Prepping for "The Philadelphia Story" auditions. Forms. Director analysis sheets. Good times! Starting to get excited and appropriately anxious about it.

Still stumped about this year's mini-vacation. Beach or history? Culture or relaxation? Aw, hell.

Laundry!!! (Wow, this is boring. Go find some more Elders to listen to.)

Call from sis. Busted for helping her co-workers pick presents for a surprise shower. Hee hee. Excited that she got the final stuff she needs.  Coming down to the wire (!!!)

Red Cross vs. Telemarketers - who wins? RC, hands down. Stop calling! Will sign up to donate when I can! Borderline harassment.

And, now, something else I tend to hate - math! Here's today's equation:

Living room clocks ALL off + Rushing + Jasper vomiting in cat carrying case while driving + Wrong vet appointment day = massive disappointment

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