Friday, January 3, 2014

Food Revolution Any-Cup Pancakes

Hi again, folks! How's the weather? Ours is the usual winter storm, but the cold is insane -- a high of 0 degrees F today. A HIGH. Throw in the windchill and forget-about-it.

Anyhoo, I'm back with a quick Foodie Friday recipe, and it's another breakfast fare. I know; I should do some more desserts - minimal around here; the hubby would rather consume a second salad than dessert -- and side dishes -- which have been dull lately. Working on it. Either way, this'll be lovely for the cozy weekend ahead!

I shared that I had made some pancakes a couple of years ago and quoted the cookbook I used (which I still love), but have found another even simpler recipe that I find myself visiting every 1-2 weeks.

The thing is, this new recipe has MEG written all over it. Winging it? Check. Casual measurements? Bingo. Easy enough to do with a toddler crawling around and between your legs? You got it (although it takes a bit of skill to juggle things and not get frustrated -- just call me the master!). Written by an adorable Brit who hopes to take over the world with thoughts of healthy, delicious REAL food? Put a fork in me, I'm done.

I've only made a few recipes from Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, but I find myself repeating them, which is a good sign. While this one has suggestions for yogurt and mango (the first time I made this, I did use some vanilla bean Greek yogurt on top instead of maple syrup and it was insanely good; I have since returned to the good ol' stuff, mostly because it's a natural sweetener with one ingredient), but I've taken the basic pancake recipe and put my own twist on it.

Actually, I have also gotten it down to such a science that I always make enough for a) a good-sized breakfast for Dave (who eats 3-4 pancakes), myself (about 3), and Hadley (who eats 1-2...or 1 and whatever I haven't eaten yet. The kid's a Hoover), then b) make the rest into about 8 +/- days worth of Hadley breakfasts. SO easy to throw a bag of them into the fridge (separated with a little sheet of parchment paper) then send a small stack along to Grandma's when putting his breakfast/lunch/snack bag together! Plus, I hear he loves them. Bonus!

Oh, and a warning: This isn't a terribly fluffy pancake (a little bit, but not uber heights), but pretty smooth and quite tasty. The flour you use dictates texture, as well; whole wheat will, of course, give you a toothier texture; AP (I've been using organic unbleached AP lately due to lack of availability of the other stuff...sigh...use whatchya got) is smoother. So, if you're used to Bisquick, it may take a little time to get used to these. But, I guarantee it's just as simple as whipping up some of that mixed stuff -- just a little extra measuring -- but is far healthier.

By the way...not that I was bored or anything, but I tried PicMonkey and, MAN, am I hooked! If I have time to do any future recipes this way, I'll do my best. (It's free, unless you want to upgrade to utilize the fancy schmancy stuff and be called "Royale"...but I'm clearly not a royal. ;-) And I only wish I was being perked by them to tell you about their site -- I'm not!

Let me know what you think, either of the recipe or the new "recipe card" -- or both! And stay warm with a nice, warm mug of hot-hot-hot...HOT CHOCOLATE (perhaps with a shot of suntin' suntin', if ya catch what I'm saying) while you're at it.

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