Monday, November 11, 2013

TJ to the Maxx

First of all, let me give you a quick update on how our debt diet is going. In a word, great. I actually have been experiencing overlap in the incidental area (which is okay with the holidays coming up; I'm sure it'll get used!) since I've pretty much only purchased "needs" lately. It'll be a learning process for me to actually allow myself to occasionally do or get something for myself. Like...y'know...a haircut. That, I need.

I was out and about in Utica for a day of developin' my profession recently, and I stopped for a few necessities at Price Chopper and Pet Smart (yes, cat food is a necessity! Don't want Kitty Protective Services coming for a visit!). While in the area, I found myself glancing at TJ Maxx. A lot.

This, like eying Target, can prove fatal. It's SO easy to spend a kazillion dollars on all the loveliness these places dole out. Must. Stay. Sttrrrrrong.

So, I decided that I'd allow myself to go in, but not buy anything unless it was a Christmas present (which I've got money budgeted for). There are some AWESOME gift ideas at a TJ Maxx, folks, just give it a chance. But, guess what. I didn't leave with one darn thing...and it felt pretty good.

I did, however, lurk around corners waiting for people to clear an aisle for me to take pictures of stuff that I liked. That way, I could chat about what I like without actually taking the stuff home. If I find myself dreaming about something and envisioning where it should live, MAYBE I'll bring my cash allotment in for a visit. Maybe.

So, here's some of the stuff I found myself drooling over...
I have far too  much glass storage ware cluttering our kitchen shelves...but if you're on the lookout for some, check out the Maxx. Oh, and The Christmastree Shoppe is good for this, too. ;-)  

  SILVER!!! And for a closer look...
I was SO close to buying one or two of these (look at that PRICE!) but realized I didn't have an immediate place for it. Wop wop.
The same goes for this round, adorably-patterned box. No purpose, not gonna get it.

I almost got this awesome blue container/vase (especially considering its size at $10) but eventually decided to walk away. #juststepaway

  And my weakness? Pillows. So proud that I walked away with NADA.

I always enjoy checking out the furniture they have in hopes of one day replacing my eyesore of an armchair (still didn't get the Target chair; the quality wasn't enough for my everyday sittin'). They didn't have a lot this day, though. This chair came the closest.

Need baskets?? We've got baskets!! And at incredible prices. Needless to say, I didn't need any...this time.

 I know it's not a homegood, but I was shocked to find some pretty well-priced Melissa and Doug toys. Hadley's not quite old enough for these yet, but I can't WAIT to build him a play kitchen (real men cook) in a little while...and fill it with some of these things. (Although that "Fruit cocktail in light syrup" is questionable.)

Speaking of toys...CHRISTMAS!!!
Loving on that deer...and even the huge bronze turkey next door to Mr. Reindeer.  
 ...and wreaths!!! I'm kind of surprised at how real (and well-priced) these looked while standing there. I'm considering heading back to see what they have left. Look at that jingle bell one on the right, and the snow-dappled pine cone one!

Vintage Santa art!! I totally should've gotten one of these to surprise Dave with. He's all about the vintage these days. However, I couldn't figure out where I'd put 'em. Isn't that always the key?

But, yeah. Mr. Red-and-White may come home, if he's still there.

  Check out the array of trees! Rustic wood, sparkly winterland, and seashell...whuh?? And the pokey shells on those deer? Holy crap. So cool. Way too cool for me. ;-)

Last but not least...look at the awesome guy gifts! Dave got himself a couple of these when he got his new job (with his own office) and I've been in awe of them ever since. Awesome for the holidays, folks. I'm hoping Santa will bring him one or two more.

I also find boxed work shirts for Dave here, as well as the occasional pair of jeggings (okay, just the one pair) or, for me, not Dave. But, on this particular day I finally left after getting a contact high when a fellow patron walked by. WHOA. This is one classy joint, folks. **Side note: The first TJ Maxx I ever went to was down in Westchester County, so needless to say, they're not all like this.** **Side note #2: I want a Home Goods. And an IKEA. And a Whole Foods. Is that too much to ask?**

So, what about you? Do you do the Maxx? (I will NOT refer to myself as know what they call TJ Maxx shoppers on their commercials. Yeah. I'm not one of those.) By the way, I wasn't perked by their company to write about this. It's just an anecdote by a person they don't know exists. :-) Or do you have a different place that you like visit to drool all over stuff then leave? Or is that just me?

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