Friday, November 22, 2013

Green Child 2013 Holiday Edition

Taking a week off from Foodie Friday. I've been cooking, but only basics (y' keep the ol' family alive while in the midst of a raging book fair at work), but hope to do some baking or holiday sides to share.

It's here again! The latest issue of Green Child Magazine (which I'm proud to be a little ol' contributor to) is out, and it's awesome. It's the perfect breather from the hustle and bustle that takes over this time of year, with eco gift ideas, thought-provoking (and relaxing) articles, and tips up the wazoo. And there, on pages 55-59, sit I. :-)

I am in LOVE the simplification ideas. That's really all I want for Christmas -- less stuff, more memories and coziness and joy together. And those soup recipes? Get out. ;-) No, don't really.

Honestly, there isn't a single piece I didn't beam while poring over; they were all just that good.

If you need a break from the crazy, check it out (and, nope, I'm not perked for writing this). I'm currently an unpaid contributor, and I'd be a fan regardless of whether I write for them. :-) Enjoy!!

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