Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Third Time's a Charm...or is it Fourth?

I love Hadley's room. It's the only room we immediately painted (and cleaned the floor a dozen times) when we moved in, constantly referring to it as the nursery. We weren't even married yet, but we just knew.

Still, it evolved from a guest bedroom to, well, a getting-ready-for-baby mess..., finally, an awesomesauce nursery. Here are a few shots from when we had just finished (or as close to "finished" as one can get when the nesting thing doesn't really hit you that hard):

Notice that "LOVE" art over the crib? I mentioned way back when that I had used Dave's packing tape to put it up. One by one, letters started falling. So, I moved on to a couple of different Command strip and M3 adhesive thingies.

And guess what. They failed, too. Not all at once or anything; just one letter at a time (usually the "O" or the "V".) Big wop wop. And bigger PITA when they fall on the baby during a nap. The letters are papier mache, so it's not like he was hurt, but the sudden surprise of "thud on my head" tends to turn a sleeping babe into a suddenly-awake-and-none-too-pleased-about-it crankypants.

So, I recently purchased some Velcro-like (it's definitely not Velcro since it snaps rather than quietly attaches) strips to attach to the letters. The baby even helped. That kid's BRIGHT and immediately figured out that taking the protective paper brought forth stickiness. Ha. But, yeah, so good!

The Velcro-like behavior of the strips means that the letters rise off the wall more by about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch, but since they're 3-D art, anyway, you can't even tell. Plus, when Hadley's tall enough to reach them and yank them down, it's no big deal -- we can just snap 'em back up!

So, how's this for a lesson in stubbornness and tenacity? Stick with it, folks. Even if it's something as silly as letters on a wall.

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