Monday, September 9, 2013

Attack of the Porch-Eating Tomato Plants

As I mentioned recently, I've slacked a bit on my backyard garden this year. It's pretty much gone to seed and ready to have its flowering trophies of my laziness pulled up.

However, the three small cherry tomato plants that I started (as a bit of an experiment versus regular flowers) next to our front porch have quite literally taken over. It makes me wish I'd taken a time-lapse video (and not just crappy iPhone pictures).

Insane. Over. Under. Through. Everything. The thing currently is that they're still bearing fruit, so we don't feel right just pulling them out if we can still harvest from them. I only wish I LIKED tomatoes! (My husband and the baby do, as do our parents and neighbors, so at least we've got options.)

I'm telling you, though, if it's still going strong after a few more weeks, I may do some clipping, if not PULLING. Then, it's "say hello to my little mums."

Next year, I may put some herbs there, since my planters on the deck also failed to do much.

How about you? How does (did?) your garden grow? Does it embarrass you like ours? Seriously, what must our mail carrier (not to mention the neighbors) think?!


  1. Our cherry tomato plants are looking pretty similar . . last year they produced fruit til mid-October. :)

    1. Ack! That does it, they're getting haircuts this weekend. ;-)

  2. Good Morning - I really like your blog, found it through your husbands. Try using EarthBoxes next year - that way you don't have to use your porch and you can move the plants as needed. My friend in California uses them as she has no 'yard' to speak of just a lot of patio. My tomatoes went bonkers too this year.

  3. I'm glad you like it (and Dave's)! Thanks for the suggestion. We actually have a separate garden space that didn't do great this year and I've wanted to try using less traditional spaces for growing. I'm hoping to try my herbs in this spot next year. :-)