Friday, July 19, 2013


YI've been looking around for some ways to freshen up the ol' walls around here. Since the bathroom is starting to look more "done" than "in the midst of chaos" I threw some paint onto a canvas (something I'd pinned from here awhile back) that coordinates with the shower curtain.

Here's the art; kind of an ikat/modern type thing...

By the way, since our easel was in the basement (and I did this project during nap time), I used a couple of glasses to dry the piece. Use what ya got!

Now I've hit a wall. Namely, our bedroom wall(s). The space over our bed is sparse, and the room is small, so I don't want a headboard. I'm scoping out some headboard alternatives...

Maybe a DIY headboard with a low profile, or just some fun mirrors?
Or some more art (perhaps three canvasses) in gray, white and navy (and maybe a touch of chartreuse). It could be similar to the ikat I've got going on in the bathroom (ie the above style) or something simpler and more graphic, like stripes...maybe.

                     Or perhaps some subtler, more earthy/botanical/natural art?

Opinions? You know me; I suck at making up my mind, and the hubs doesn't seem to have much of an opinion on this stuff most of the time.

And then there's the wall opposite out bed. I've had these clearance pieces from TJ Maxx (less than a buck a piece!) for a couple of years, but they're not working for me anymore. (Dave thinks they're fine.) The tv and honking dresser are no help, but they're kind of unavoidable.

Still doing some searching to figure out what to do there. One huge art piece? (A huge art piece over the bed, then two smaller over here?) Or something more sculptural?

Plus, DANG do I have to start taking better pictures. Stupid iPhone.

Anyhoo, yeah. Any ideas or opinions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot, guys!!


  1. The first one, with the orange colors and flowery mirror things on top. That looks more lively yet not too is a place of sleep after all ;)

    1. Cool! Thanks for your thoughts. Would it work with our green walls? :-)

  2. I think the mirror collage would look good over the TV/dresser area. It would distract from the TV and maybe make it less noticeable since they are all glass surfaces?

    1. Thanks, Shauna! I'll have to see if mirrors help in that side of things. Good thinking!

  3. Oooh, I think that turned out really well :) I used to have so much fun painting when I was a kid - I should find an excuse to paint something and see if I still enjoy it.