Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bathroom Update #2

Fully intended to post this Monday; sorry about that! We've got a smorgasbord of illness here -- croup, sinusitis, bronchitis -- take your pick! Set me back a bit.

See? I said I'd get back to you with a bathroom update before another YEAR goes by. Yay, me.

Last you saw, our bathroom was finally de-poopified (in the manner of using some semi-gloss white paint to banish the poop brown accents FOREVER!!!)...

After two coats of a low-VOC semi-gloss paint (the name of which I'm trying to hunt down; that's the problem with never-ending projects), here's what we're left with...


Not a massive change; we've still got the ugly mosaic tile, mismatched floor, etc, but things are lookin' up. Even the hubs is a huge fan of the color and, after the final coat, said that it really makes the space look larger. You might not expect that when you're moving from white to, well, ANY darker color, but it adds depth to the room that wasn't there before.

Next up will be a project I'm handing over to the men in my life -- beadboard paneling to cover the tiles. Once we're "ready", they'll also take out the sink (forever, we're replacing it) and the toilet (temporarily) to lay the peel-and-stick tiles on the floor and finish the beadboard on the potty/sink wall. I've also heard something regarding painting the shower surround from my stepdad, but I'm not sure exactly what is meant by this plan; the liner seems to be torn as far as my knowledge takes me (which, admittedly, isn't THAT far; my stepdad's practically a master plumber). So, we'll see! Then there's nitty gritty stuff like the molding for the top of the beadboard, hanging a couple of hooks for towels, finding and hanging a couple of open shelves over the potty and some sort of window treatment, accessorizing (on the hunt for art!), making a mini curtain (you'll see why)...oh, and hanging my favorite part of the room -- a $14.99 shower curtain that adds a huge pop of personality (and even a bit of color).

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the curtain! I've hunted FOREVER to find one that I loved and I finally found this at TJ Maxx. All the other curtains were over $20, which isn't a huge deal, but they didn't pack THIS much style, I tell ya. I look at it and can already hear my mom telling me that it won't help sell the house; if that's the case, I'll throw the white one back up (it's not in horrible shape, but it has a few snags from *ahem* a couple of cat claws), but why not surround yourself with things you love? Besides, I texted Dave a picture while he sat in the car with the little buddy and he immediately approved it...which kinda surprised me.

Anyhoo, any projects going on at your joint? How do you feel about bathrooms? Decorate 'em to the hilt or just clean them since your time spent there is so...um...utilitarian? Up for quirky art (we have a friend with a nude print in their 1/2 bath, which fits their personality pretty well) or soothing, subtle stuff?

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