Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Two Years and Counting

Don't puke your brains out (ew, what a visual!) or anything, but today we'll be taking a romantic walk down memory lane, and a lovely look at what's to come.

Two years ago today, I became a married lady. I was already on my way to becoming a crazy cat lady, but at least I had a partner to share the crazy with.

The day, itself, was incredible. I'm not saying there weren't setbacks, because there were. Programs didn't get passed (at least, I don't think they were), I ticked off the groom by trying to assist in picture set-ups, and the seating list at our reception caught fire.

But, that doesn't take away from the magic that was palpable that day. From the crisp, beautiful fall day we were gifted, to my mom and I (along with our beyond-awesome photographer, Sarah) fitting in a quick get-away to the cemetery to remember and include my dad in a small way, from the borrowed Rolls Royce and homemade apple pie to surprise the groom with, from the most delicious meal I've ever tasted, from a fun time being had by pretty much all present (miraculous!)...it was nothing short of amazing.

The Vermont honeymoon was perfect. We enjoyed ourselves in a slow, meandering sort of way, sure to include historical stops, locally quirky tourist destinations, antique hunting, and wonderful food. Here are my posts (one, two, three and one-year return) recapping the fun.

I felt an excited nervousness about it all. It could have just been caused by the autumn chill, but more likely it was the unsureness of staring down a never-ending trail that will lead, ultimately, to the life one leads, with the partner one has chosen. Since then, and especially in the past year, the excitement remains, but the nervousness has given way to a peacefulness.

It's true that a relationship changes when a baby comes into the picture. You're really shown the person you married, whether you like that person or not, and must learn to cope with their idiosyncrasies whilst also learning to cope with a completely helpless little human being. It can be daunting, or, as in my case, a hugely calming relief. We still have our idiosyncrasies, of course, but they are far more bearable than I imagined they would be.

I am lucky enough to have fallen in love with the same man for a second time. I know from experience that the trend is to generally fall hard at first only to succumb to something (or get married, LOL). Difference in personality, lack of commitment, a broken heart. In our case, I fell sensibly in love with Dave at first, and with the birth of our son (and gradual growth of love in our household...okay, okay, and the addition of each kitty, I'll admit it), the love I felt for our family reflected in the man I was lucky enough to land. It has only grown, and we can both sincerely say that we are far more in love today than we were two years ago...or even more so than the day we first said "I love you" in the first place.

So, while we didn't return to Vermont (we had discussed it, but with a 3-month old, it didn't seem plausible) or even get to eat at Beardslee when we had hoped (we've got reservations for this weekend, thank goodness!), we couldn't be happier OR more in agreement in the fact that our 5th anniversary (coming late May 2013) is UNBELIEVABLE - it feels like just yesterday that we were just friends, getting to know each other while "acting out" at the theater.

Oh, and don't think we won't attempt a return to VT next year, with our 15-month old in tow! We're gluttons for punishment, and the experience is too rejuvenating not to return to.


  1. Aww, happy anniversary (late)!!! You two make a beautiful couple and I love the pics!! May you have many, many more (um, anniversaries, not pics, though those are nice too)