Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I feel like I'm in a state of suspension lately. And, since I'm a lady of lists, I thought I'd share my experience of waiting with you thusly:

I'm waiting...
- for our new family member to make his or her arrival. Obviously this is the main "waiting" we're doing. I'm not anxious or miserable (so many people are asking or saying, "You must be done being pregnant." Not in the slightest. I still sometimes forget that I am! When the lil' one decides to stretch and do some yoga, THAT has gotten uncomfortable, but it's bearable), but just want to find out who this little person is. So, I'm doing fine otherwise - thanks to those acquaintances who've been asking, but you'll know when ya know. (Family and close friends will know sooner. ;-) Sorry, that's how it goes.)
- for my nesting instinct to kick in. I know some folks don't get it at all, so I'm hoping and praying that I do. Let's just say I'd love to have the energy to clean my house from top to bottom, fill the freezer with post-baby meals and work on some other projects around the joint, but it just ain't happening...and I'm a tad down on myself about it, in all honesty.
- for these damn road workers to just put down their damn layer of asphalt and be done with it, for crying out loud. (No, I don't have Tourette's. Yes, I'm about to be a new mommy. Why do you ask? ;-)) They've held our street hostage today and yesterday (it should've been a one-day job, but we had crazy weather yesterday; today, it's just wicked overcast, but I suppose too wet still to work), but also used their time poorly as I've sat observing their bumbling workmen. It's like a goofy silent film, seriously. Okay, enough whining and poor language.

I'm stalled...
- on the nursery (and cleaning...probably awaiting my nesting energy to hit). We have everything that needs to be "in place" - a changing area (including a dresser project), the crib set up and ready (although we'll be using a cradle in the beginning, and that I foresee Winston adopting as a bed after the baby's done with it...only partially joking), window treatments, an organized closet - but I've just been stumped on my final touches.

My goal is to pull myself out of the laziness slump, but allow myself time to rest at the same time. How can I find the balance (hopefully before baby comes?)? Make MORE lists. YES, MORE! The infamous "to do" lists, like what I'd like to finish in the nursery, what projects I want done around the house (and I may even share this one with the hubs...not sure why I tend not to share the responsibilities more), and the advance meals I'd like to make (including a pretty severe grocery list) that we can pull out of the freezer or throw together quickly when the baby arrives.

Is it weird that Pinterest is my first step for making the lists? Aaaaand, I'm off!!! Oh, and any suggestions or links for healthy, quick (possibly freezable) meals are welcome.

So, what are your goals for the summer? Have more time with friends? Go to more farmers' markets? Take advantage of the nice weather? Have a baby and trying to maintain your sanity? Do tell!

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