Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pin Theft

As many women using the world wide web, I likes me some Pinterest. (Sorry, guys - I have yet to see a single non-chick using it. Feel free to Friend me if you're a fan of it, too!) I'm not addicted to it, but I can see how a person could easily jump into that territory. There's just so much inspirational material out there on the web; how could we NOT love a tool that helps us "save" ideas for later and share with friends?!

The funny thing is that part of my job is learning and educating about the responsible use of information - ie plagiarism, intellectual property, etc. Every time I pin something, I think about where it's coming from, if the individual who originally posted it to the internet CARES that it may get pinned (and the original source in the process) dozens of times, and whether it's legal. But, I do it, anyway.

I know that a lot of the stuff on Pinterest is actually originally shared by bloggers, who love knowing that people may try their idea (a craft, recipe, DIY project, etc) or find inspiration to do their own thing. Heck, lots of blogs ENCOURAGE us to pin their ideas. So, that's what I'm telling myself every time I decide to repin for my own purposes. However, the items that I'm sharing here today are from the original sites (not the reproductions that I've been inspired to create)...just to be clear. Now, for the fun, hee hee.

For me, Pinterest has been valuable for planning my nursery. Talk about inspiration! Beyond the fact that I have actual proof that a nursery can be blue and NOT shout "It's a Boy!" loudly (remember, we're not finding out the sex...and we're stickin' to it ;-)), there are a kazillion ideas for nursery art. It's to the point where Dave jokingly says that we'll run out of room...and it just occurred to me that I should just keep pinning since, one day, we might just have a playroom (in a different house). ;-) Mwahahaha, he's not safe!

So, here are some of my favorite nursery pins (the images are linked to their original sources)...

While there's a tad more green to the wall color, this gave me some great inspiration for our room. Sure, there's lots about it that we won't be doing; we've got a dark wood antique rocker to use, our floors ain't that purdy (we've got a large neutral rug that I'd like to layer a couple of throw rugs with), and we'll have a lot more color. But, I LOVE the combination of blue and yellow, plus the embroidery hoop-with-patterned-fabric wall art.

While the orange isn't a definite, the brightness and combination of fun color are definitely an inspiration for our space. I also love the mix of old and modern. By the way, I'd like to complete about 90% of the nursery, then if it's a boy throw in some orange accents and if it's a girl use some deep plum...but, hey, I could always throw both in. What other room could you do that without being put into a padded facility?
I know, this is an unimpressive picture, but the link provides you with some DIY crib skirt ideas. I've already purchased a $2 sheet that seems to be an antique (but who minds cutting an antique sheet when it cost $2?!) which will hopefully work for this project. It'll add some of the classic, ruffly baby softness to the space.

This is another unimpressive picture, but it's close to an accent color I'd like to use, specifically to paint a free dresser we've got (luckily, it's not as big as this...although I'm starting to wonder whether it'll be big ENOUGH, eep!) that will double as a changing table.

 Aaaaand here's the art! Yes, it's the alphabet twice...see anything else? ;-)
I've recreated this using a blue instead of gray and a neat stamped font.

Here's another theft on my part. My version uses the same colors, but a different font and a small, horizontal layout. My mother sang this to me as a child, so I HAD to have it in the room somehow.

How cheeky is this?!
I used the inspiration from this piece, but it looks quite different - with a green background and another cool stamped font. I LOVE this one.

 The inspiration from this nursery was the idea of some of the accessories, but more importantly the large glass jar used as storage. See the jar at upper left housing the old alphabet blocks? Why I think that's neat, I have no idea. I just do.

So, that's just a handful of nursery inspiration I found on Pinterest. Whatchya think? Disjointed and hard to picture? Or neat ideas that'll create a fun, creative space? Feel free to share an opinion.


  1. the glass jar I like - but use plastic instead - -nuff said

    1. I understand why, but I like to live on the edge (and have a thing about the toxins in plastic). ;-) What can I say?

  2. I love the ideas! Here's some links to a favorite blogger of mine, showing off her daughter's nursery and now "big girl" room. I think you'd like the style. I'm partial to the big girl room, but they're both super cute!

  3. Neat ideas there, Jo! Thanks you. :-) We already have the good ol' (and slightly freaky) sock monkey!! While the cats aren't attracted to the thing, per say, there HAS to be a reason we've found it in random places (the floor, the bed) throughout the nursery. ;-) Gotta love toys that are multi-purpose.