Thursday, December 1, 2011

Snow Envy

As much as folks might think I'm wacko that I enjoy a good Black Friday romp, y'all might consider me nuts for what I'm about to say...

...I miss snow.

Seriously. Like a girlfriend misses a boyfriend. I'm pretty empty when I look outside and see bright green grass. The occasional drizzle dampens my spirits. Even a cheery blast of sunshine gets me feeling low.

We've had one day of a little accumulation so far. Otherwise, the average temperature lately has been in the 50s (and hitting the 60s mark). I'm used to having some accumulation for Thanksgiving, not praying that we'll have some for Christmas. Even the hubs said that he was hoping we'd have some for Turkey Day, which I found...interesting...and a bit shocking.

We're not really skiers or snow bunnies at all. In fact, we kinda hate shoveling. But, the coziness of drinking hot chocolate and the briskness that makes you feel alive is a big reason that I still live in New York State. I was raised in it; I'm used to it; I miss it.

I know lots of people are thinking, "Just you wait." Or "Ask and ye shall receive." That's pretty much what I'm doing. Man, I've got snow days to use - let's see whatchya got, Mother Nature!

Honestly, it's as much about feeling in the Christmas spirit as anything else. It's hard to get as gung-ho as I'd like to when I'm wearing a light spring jacket. We finally have a forecast that says we'll be getting flurries tomorrow...but we'll be back to rain next week. Enemy, thine name is Rain. Not Rainn Wilson. We're Schrute fans in this house. 

So, how does one go about getting into the Christmas spirit without a bit of white on the ground? Seriously, I don't know how the Southerners and Californians do it. I finally placed lots of Amazon orders for husbandly Christmas gifts tonight, after putting on some classic Christmas tunes, but it took lots of motivation (and the idea that hit me - "Crap. It's officially December. Buy, buy, buy!" Man, they really hit me with all that commercialism, don't they? *ashamed*). I'd feel lots cheerier doling out the dough with some fluffy white brightening up my life.

As it is, I've done minimal wrapping and literally NO decorating yet. And I usually enjoy the decorating bit, but just can't get into it this year. It'll come, I know. I've gotta stop focusing on the snow. Again, I know. We are already doing our best to think about the season itself and why the heck we buy all these presents and stuff in the first place. Obviously. To go bankrupt. ;-)

...On a side note, I hate to mention that I can't wait to read some books like Snowflake Bentley and show the movie version of The Snowman. Kinda hard when it's...y' ;-)


  1. Put on some Christmas music to get in the Christmas mood. It always works for me! Or watch The Muppet Christmas Carol. But not It's a Wonderful Life, unless you're in the mood for a good cry. I know what you mean about the white stuff, though. I've had Decembers in California, Texas and Georgia. New York State -- specifically the Mohawk Valley -- is better!

  2. The music definitely helps! I'm not a fan of the Muppet Christmas Carol (we tend to enjoy the original Muppet projects, if that makes sense) - and is it weird that we're halfway through our Netflixed "It's a Wonderful Life"?? It's one of my favorite movies, whether holiday season or not!! :-) Hee hee. I've gotta pull out the Claymation Christmas special, that might help. ;-)