Monday, October 31, 2011

Stick This In Your Nose

I've been battling something lately. I'm not sure if it's allergies, a cold, or a virus...but it's kicking my hiney at any given moment of any given day, and has been doing so for three weeks or so. After a few random sick days, I finally went to the doctor, only to be told that they're not sure what to do for me (they gave me a new allergy medicine which has done squat; I usually take Zyrtec, and still do), but to let them know if it finally turns into a sinus infection. No fever, no green boogers (sorry), deal with it. They were more pleasant than that, but she was truly stumped. I'm starting to get annoyed.

So, on the way home from rehearsal last night, I finally picked up one of these guys...

There was much debate between the store brand (which advertised itself as all-natural) and this Arm & Hammer version (which includes, what else, baking soda in with the saline solution). I finally threw my hands up and went with the hubby's idea - this version said there'd be less stinging. I'm not sure if the "all natural" one would have stung, but I figured this wouldn't hurt to try. Pun intended.

I asked Dave to take some video of me using it, but he politely declined. He WAS, however, quite excited to see it work. I'll bet he was. Oh, and he was quite disappointed to hear that we'll need to buy a separate one for him when he gets sick - can't share those germies.

In case you've never heard of a Neti Pot, you put warm water in, along with some saline powder, then tilt your head over a sink (yes, this gets gross) and pour half of the contents into one nostril while it pours out your other nostril. Repeat with other side.

It. Feels. Weird. Not painful, just weird. I'd do it again. It was just such a surreal feeling. Some of the phrases I uttered:"eeeeeeewwwww!!! Ew. Ew. Ew." and "my brain is drowning!" and "that's all that went through?" It was interesting to find out that I could talk while pouring.

Unfortunately, my nose was pretty clear when I tried it out. It's supposed to help clear allergens, yuckiness, and sinus issues, so I'll keep working on it. I WANT THIS TO WORK SO BADLY I CAN TASTE IT. It'd be awesome to turn to this when I'm feeling under the weather rather than filling myself with corn syrup cough remedies and drowsy pills. So, I'll give you a report after using it when I feel crappier. :-)

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  1. I have a neti pot-like contraption, too. Mine is a squeeze bottle thing (think small ketchup bottle). I put the saline mixture in just like yours. I have found that it helps me a lot when I use it daily during my worst allergy times (late fall and spring). However, I do recommend two things: do not use it before laying down because any excess saline solution will run down into your ears through the sinus cavities and cause a serious ear ache, and do not try to use this if your nose is stuffed up (it will only make the situation even stuffier)! I've been there on both accounts, and I'll never do that again. Anywho, I am a strong believer in neti pots and like contraptions.