Thursday, May 19, 2011


I am aware that by writing this I am opening myself up to a litany of eye rolls and snickers, but I feel I must share my feelings even when it opens me up to ridicule or exposes my weaknesses.

So, we've been down to basic cable since Monday, and (without sounding too dang whiny), it's kinda tough. Let me rephrase that truthfully: it's kinda tough...for me. Dave's already in "Isn't this great?!" mode, to which I say, "Give me time."

I'm impressed and in awe over his ability to see the positive in so many things (not all, but lots). In this situation, it actually sort of makes me feel even worse. I'm going through withdrawal over a silly, frivolous thing that people in developing nations would only DREAM to waste their time on, and to make it worse, my husband's a saint and can see the forest for the trees. Perfect.

I'm hoping to catch up to his outlook on this, and soon-ish. Right now, my mind is trained to think "Oooooo, 4pm, it's time for Nigella on the Cooking Network...or something wonderful on HGTV ("Sarah's House" on Fridays!). Then, yay, 5pm means "Barefoot Contessa" or "Gilmore Girls"!" and so on. So far, I've diverted my attention to a) finally putting another layer of spackle on the bathroom ceiling, b) starting a new book -- "Bossypants" by Tina Fey! and c) daydreaming by Googling to my heart's content. Clearly nothing Earth-shatteringly productive, but the weather's been crrrrrap lately. Otherwise, I'd be working on the garden. :-)

Honestly, I can't wait until the weather IS nicer, so it'll be easier to use my free non-TV-watching time being productive and hopefully building skills and interests that I can lean back on for years to come. 


  1. We've been Basic Cablized for some years now. I don't miss the constant channel surfing. My mom still has Cable TV with many, many channels. When we visit her I realize that anything that's worth watching is on DVD now. I'm not looking back. Embrace it, Meg. The brainwashing is slowly leaving you.

  2. Cool, I had no idea you guys were "basic", too! Thanks for the input. While it's been a tough break-up so far, it's for the best. ;-)